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Wondering what Microsoft’s stock price is today? Look no further. We have the latest trading information right here. Microsoft’s stock closed at 378.61 on the previous trading day, and the opening price for the current trading day was 378.35. The day’s range for Microsoft’s stock is between 378.16 and 383.00. The 52-week range for the stock is 219.35 to 383.00.

Curious about the trading volume? The volume for the day is 19,835,227, with an average volume of 23,921,454. When it comes to market cap, Microsoft stands at an impressive 2.844T. The stock has a beta of 0.88, indicating relatively low volatility compared to the market. The PE ratio (TTM) is 37.05, and the forward dividend and yield are 3.00 (0.78%).

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft’s stock closed at 378.61 on the previous trading day.
  • The opening price for the current trading day was 378.35.
  • The day’s range for Microsoft’s stock is between 378.16 and 383.00.
  • The 52-week range for the stock is 219.35 to 383.00.
  • The volume for the day is 19,835,227, with an average volume of 23,921,454.

What is Microsoft Trading at

Market Overview

In the fast-paced world of tech giants, Microsoft Corporation stands strong, trading at $382.70 USD, marking a 1.08% increase today. Let’s delve into the details that shape Microsoft’s current market standing.

Recent Performance:

As of November 28, Microsoft closed at $382.70 USD, with an after-hours change of -0.10 (0.026%). The opening stood at $378.35, reaching a high of $383.00 and a low of $378.16. Microsoft boasts a market cap of 2.84 trillion USD, a P/E ratio of 37.06, and a dividend yield of 0.78%. The CDP score stands at A, reflecting the company’s robust environmental performance.

Year in Review:

The past year saw Microsoft hitting a 52-week high at $383.00 and a low of $219.35. Despite fluctuations, Microsoft remains a powerhouse in the tech sector.

Insights from Jim Cramer: The Magnificent Seven

In the tech universe, CNBC’s Jim Cramer reaffirms the strength of the “Magnificent Seven” – Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Nvidia, Meta, Microsoft, and Tesla. While acknowledging their success, Cramer addresses the challenges faced by individual investors due to the high share prices.

Individual Challenges:

Cramer empathizes with the challenge faced by individual investors in owning these tech giants, given their expensive shares. He advocates for companies to split their shares, making them more accessible to the average investor.

Navigating the Tech Landscape: A Closer Look

Amazon’s Resilience:

Despite concerns about Amazon Web Services’ growth, Cramer dismisses worries, highlighting a new collaboration with Nvidia in software and generative artificial intelligence. Amazon remains a strong player, countering criticism by adapting and innovating.

Positivity for Alphabet and Apple:

Cramer counters negativity around Alphabet and Apple, emphasizing Google’s positive quarter and Apple’s loyal customer base. He believes that Alphabet’s stock could quickly recover if its cloud business rebounds.

Meta’s Evolution:

Addressing Meta’s losses in the metaverse, Cramer applauds CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s adaptability, citing successful pivots in the past. Despite initial setbacks, Meta’s potential remains high.

Microsoft’s Momentum:

Contrary to concerns about Microsoft’s rapid stock surge, Cramer prAIses its artificial intelligence products, stating, “There are no speeding tickets in this racket.” Microsoft stands firm in the AI realm.

Tesla’s Rebound:

While Tesla initially faced sales challenges due to high-interest rates on car loans, Cramer notes that with decreasing interest rates, this concern diminishes. Tesla remains resilient in the ever-evolving market.

Microsoft’s Role in AI: A Complicated Affair

Microsoft finds itself at a crossroads in its relationship with OpenAI. The recent drama reveals Microsoft’s reliance on the AI startup, emphasizing the need for a more defined role in the crucial field of artificial intelligence.

AI Chip Wars: Amazon vs. Microsoft

Amazon’s Power Play:

Amazon announces Trainium2, its second-generation AI chip, designed for training AI systems. This move intensifies the competition with Microsoft, which recently unveiled its own AI chip called Maia.

Battle of the Chips:

The Trainium2 chip claims to be four times faster and twice as energy-efficient as its predecessor. Amazon’s chip will compete with Microsoft’s Maia and Alphabet’s Tensor Processing Unit in the race for AI dominance.

Graviton4 Unveiled:

In response, AWS reveals Graviton4, its fourth custom central processor chip, boasting a 30% speed increase. Microsoft counters with its custom chip, Cobalt, in direct competition with Amazon’s Graviton series.

Tech Giants’ Shift:

Both Amazon and Microsoft adopt technology from Arm Ltd for their chips, marking a shift away from Intel and AMD. Oracle follows suit, utilizing chips from startup Ampere Computing for its cloud service.

Microsoft Stock Performance Analysis

In this section, we will delve into the performance of Microsoft’s stock, analyzing key factors such as the stock symbol, current price, and financial data. Understanding these aspects will provide valuable insights into the company’s stock trends and performance.

Microsoft Stock Symbol and Ticker

Microsoft’s stock symbol is MSFT, and its stock ticker is also MSFT. These symbols are used by traders and investors to identify and track Microsoft’s stock in the financial markets.

Current Price of Microsoft Shares

As of the latest data, the current price of Microsoft shares is 382.70 USD. This represents the value that investors are willing to pay per share to own a stake in Microsoft’s business. The stock price can fluctuate throughout the trading day as market forces influence supply and demand.

Financial Data and Stock Performance

“Microsoft’s financial data reveals a revenue of 218.31B and an EPS of 10.36.”

Microsoft’s financial data provides a comprehensive snapshot of its performance. The company reported a revenue of 218.31 billion USD, indicating its strong presence and success in the tech industry. Additionally, Microsoft has earned an EPS (Earnings Per Share) of 10.36, reflecting its profitability and ability to generate returns for shareholders.

In terms of stock performance, Microsoft has displayed impressive growth. Over the past year, the stock has experienced a significant increase of 58.27%. This growth highlights the market’s positive reception of Microsoft’s business strategies and innovation.

It is crucial for investors to track and analyze these performance indicators to make informed decisions regarding their investment in Microsoft’s stock.

Stock SymbolMSFT
Current Price382.70 USD
Revenue218.31B USD
1-Year Change58.27%

Microsoft’s Market Value and Key Statistics

When it comes to market value, Microsoft is a heavyweight player in the stock market. As of the latest data, the company’s market value stands at a staggering 2.84 trillion USD. This impressive figure reflects the market’s positive sentiment towards Microsoft and its position as a global technology leader.

Investors often analyze key statistics to gain insight into a company’s financial health. Microsoft’s beta of 0.885 indicates a relatively lower volatility compared to the overall market. This means that the stock is considered less risky than the average stock. Additionally, the company’s price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, which currently stands at 36.80, suggests a higher valuation relative to its earnings. These metrics provide valuable information for investors looking to assess the stock’s performance and potential.

In terms of the current trading price, Microsoft’s shares are currently priced at 382.70 USD. This figure represents the latest market valuation and is subject to fluctuations based on market conditions and investor sentiment. However, the upward trend in Microsoft’s stock price indicates a positive outlook and suggests that investors have confidence in the company’s future prospects.

Microsoft’s Market Value and Key Statistics in Numbers:

Market ValueBetaP/E RatioCurrent Trading Price
2.84 trillion USD0.88536.80382.70 USD


Microsoft is a highly valuable and sought-after company in the stock market. Its stock price has seen significant growth over the past year, reflecting the company’s strong financial performance. Investors continue to show confidence in Microsoft, as indicated by its market value and positive stock trends. The current trading price of Microsoft shares is 382.70 USD.

With a market value of 2.84T, Microsoft holds a dominant position in the stock market. The company’s shares are highly sought after, with investors recognizing their value. Microsoft’s stock market presence is a testament to its success and market performance.

Monitoring the live Microsoft stock price is crucial for investors to stay informed about any market fluctuations. The current trading price of Microsoft shares is a key indicator of the company’s performance and investor sentiment. By keeping a close eye on the stock’s value, investors can make well-informed decisions regarding their investments in Microsoft.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s stock value and market position make it a compelling choice for investors. As the current trading price of Microsoft shares suggests, the company’s performance and positive stock trends are attracting attention in the market. Stay updated on the live Microsoft stock price to make informed investment decisions.


What is the current trading price of Microsoft shares?

The current trading price of Microsoft shares is 382.70 USD.

What is Microsoft's stock market symbol and stock ticker?

Microsoft’s stock market symbol is MSFT, and its stock ticker is MSFT.

What is Microsoft's revenue and EPS?

Microsoft’s financial data reveals a revenue of 218.31B and an EPS of 10.36.

What is the 52-week range for Microsoft's stock?

The 52-week range for Microsoft’s stock is 219.35 to 383.00.

What is the market cap of Microsoft?

The market cap for Microsoft is 2.844T.

What is Microsoft's PE ratio?

Microsoft’s PE ratio (TTM) is 37.05.

What is the forward dividend and yield for Microsoft's stock?

The forward dividend and yield for Microsoft’s stock are 3.00 (0.78%).

What is the beta of Microsoft's stock?

The beta of Microsoft’s stock is 0.88.

What is the volume for Microsoft's stock today?

The volume for Microsoft’s stock today is 19,835,227, with an average volume of 23,921,454.

What is the 1-year change for Microsoft's stock?

The 1-year change for Microsoft’s stock is 58.27%.

What do analysts rate Microsoft's stock as?

Analysts have rated Microsoft’s stock as a strong buy.

What is the projected price target for Microsoft's stock?

Analysts have projected a price target of 475.00 USD for Microsoft’s stock.

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