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Plus500 Review 2024: Is It a Good Broker?

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Plus500 Overviews

Plus500 is one of the more "popular" and well known international online brokers. They were founded in 2008 and are regulated by several financial authorities not to mention they sponsor famous football and basketball teams. but how good are they as a CFD broker. In this review you will find that out and more.

Plus500 Review 2024: Is It a Good Broker?

Plus500 is a well-known online broker that offers access to various financial markets, including forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more. The platform was established in 2008 and has since grown into a popular choice among traders.

One of the key benefits of Plus500 is its user-friendly interface, which allows traders to easily access the platform and execute trades. The broker offers a range of tools and features to assist traders in making informed decisions, such as real-time market data and advanced technical analysis tools.

Another advantage of using Plus500 is the apparent low fees associated with trading. The broker does not charge commission fees but instead generates revenue through spreads, which are the differences between a financial instrument’s bid and ask price. This means traders can keep more of their profits and avoid costly commission fees.

Plus500 is also regulated by several authorities, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), which helps provide safety and security for traders. Additionally, the broker offers a range of deposit and withdrawal options, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets, which make it easy for traders to manage their accounts.

While Plus500 has many positive features, it is important to note that trading in financial markets carries risks. Traders should always conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before investing in any financial instrument. Let’s see what this broker has to offer its clients and possibly you.

Broker Feature Overview
Type of Broker CFD Broker
Regulation & Licensing
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA)
  • Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
  • Financial Market Authority (FMA)
Applicable Countries Allowed To Trade Various
Assets Offered Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, crypto, options, ETFs
Platforms Available Plus500 Software (Web, Mobile)
Mobile Compatibility Yes
Payment & Withdrawal Options
  • Master Card or Visa
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer

Facts About Plus500
  • Listed on the London Stock Exchange
  • No MetaTrader
  • Proprietary platform (Web Terminal and Mobile)
  • Thousands of positive reviews from clients on Trustpilot
  • Sponsor many large and famous sports clubs
  • Founded in 2008
  • Have entities located throughout the globe
  • One trading account for all traders
  • Can trade CFDs for forex, stocks, options, ETFs, commodities, indices, and crypto
  • Part of the FTSE 250 index

Pros and Cons

  • Their platform is user-friendly
  • Opening an account is simple and quick
  • Customer support seems to be helpful and very responsive
  • Low stock fees
  • No fees for withdrawals (depending)
  • The inactivity fee only applies if you neglect to log in
  • The research tools are average
  • CFD fees are not the best you can get

Is Plus500 Safe? Broker Regulations

A concern for many traders, especially those new to trading, is knowing that the broker they use is legitimate and regulated. If you don’t know, brokers considered legitimate and trustworthy are typically regulated by one or many financial institutions (authorities) depending on where they operate globally.

Typically, the more regulatory institutions overseeing a broker and the entities they operate under are considered good. These authorities help protect you as a trader and deter criminal activities (such as fraud).

All-in-all, Plus500 is regulated by a total of seven financial authorities. This is because they have entities (subsidiaries) in Cyprus, the UK, Seychelles, Australia, Israel, Singapore, Bulgaria, Estonia, Japan, and the USA.

It should be noted that some of these authorities are top-tier institutions such as the FCA and ASIC. We have listed all the financial authorities that oversee plus500 for your perusal below.

Not only are they regulated, but their TrustPilot score gives them a rating of 4.1 stars out of a possible 5. This is pretty impressive, considering there are over 11,000 reviews.

Additionally, they sponsor multiple international sports teams like the;

Being out in the public eye in terms of massive sponsorships and then also being listed on the London Stock Exchange gives clients a compelling reason to believe they can be trusted.

For the most part, they can be trusted, but a company of this size is not without its faults, and there are many users that claim to have had bad experiences with this broker when it comes to withdrawals.

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA)
  • Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
  • Financial Market Authority (FMA)

What Can I Trade with Plus500?

Plus500 is a CFD broker, and clients can trade many assets, including Forex, Indices, Commodities, Shares, Options, ETFs, and Crypto. Let’s look at these in a bit more detail to see what precisely Plus500 can offer its clients


Plus500 gives its clients over 60 forex pairs to trade on with a leverage of up to 1:30. Clients will be able to trade the typical major, minor and exotic pairs such as the EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/NZD, EUR/CAD, and the EUR/CHF just to name a few.


When it comes to Indices, Plus500 doesn’t have the largest selection, but they do have the most popular Indices, which they categorize in their platform under “country” or “sector.”. You can expect to find the DAX 40, the S&P500, the Crypto Index, the Hang Seng, the FTSE 100, and more here.


There are about 22 commodities that this broker offers, from Sugar to Wheat, Oil, Coffee, Cotton, and Cocoa. It would help to remember that all trades made on Plus500 are CFD trades, so you will not be investing in the commodity itself but rather speculating on its price.


Due to the nature that Plus500 is regulated by so many authorities and has access to multiple stock exchanges, their variety when it comes to stocks is pretty impressive. Companies listed on many exchanges from many countries, including Ireland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, South Africa, and more, are listed for your trade.


Then Plus500 also deals in Options. An options contract is where the “buyer” is given the right (but does not have to if they choose not to) or sell assets at a specific price on or prior to a particular date. Buying an option is deemed a “call,” and selling an option is called a “put.”. Plus500 deals in options for Forex, Crypto, Indices, Stocks, and Commodities.


In terms of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Plus500 allows for trading ETFs that track Commodities and Indices. There are quite a few to choose from, which include ETFs that track Gold, Gas, Silver, Oil


Lastly, Plus500 lets you trade crypto in the form of CFDs, which means you will not need a digital wallet to store any of your coins. Remember that you will not be investing in actual crypto, only speculating on its future price. Even though this is the case, there are many coins to choose from when trading speculative contracts with Plus500. These include the most popular ones, like Bitcoin, Ethereum to NEO, and Stellar.

  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Shares
  • Options
  • ETFs
  • Crypto

How to Trade with Plus500?

There are two ways to trade with Plus500. Typically, many brokers that trade in CFDs allowing their clients to open positions in markets like Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, and so on, will use what is considered to be the “gold” standard when it comes to trading software. If you do not know, this software is MetaTrader 4 or even MT5, and traders have been using it since its inception in 2005.

However, Plus500 does not use MetaTrader. They use proprietary software that is only accessible from the web, and then they also have a mobile trading app that is based on the same software.

The proprietary web platform is quite easy to navigate and is very user-friendly in terms of layout. Charts are situated at the bottom of the screen. The assets list is located to the left, and the top middle section will be populated with the instruments from the left-hand side assets list that you choose. Also, the bottom chart will show the instrument you select from the populated list above.

Then not much information is given about the mobile app. However, they state that some new features have been added, such as “insights.”. Insights is a section that specializes in bringing you market insights. These can be in the form of trends and exclusive data.


Feature Plus500 Web Plus500 Mobile App
One-Click or One-Tap Trading Yes Yes
Trade Straight off  Charts Yes Yes
Email Alerts or Push Notifications Yes Yes
Mobile Alerts Yes Yes
Stop Order Yes No
Market Order Yes Yes
Trailing Stop Order Yes No
OCO Orders (One-Cancels-The-Other) Yes No
Limit Order Yes No
24hr trading Yes Yes
Charting Package Yes No
Streaming News Feed No Yes

  • Plus500 Proprietary Software (Web Terminal, Android, iOS)

How Can I Open Plus500 Account? A Simple Tutorial

Opening an account with this broker is similar to all other online brokers. First, you will need to head to the official Plus500 website. Depending on your region, you will be automatically routed to the correct website. Luckily enough, you should find that for most regions, the layout for the broker website is the same.

Start by clicking on the “start trading” button located on the right of the top main menu or click on the CTA button labeled “start trading now.”.

You will then be taken to the registration screen, where you will need to input your Email address and your password. Take note that you can also register through social platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Apple.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we selected to fill out an Email address and password. For registering with other Social platforms, remember that you will be prompted with a popup that asks you to confirm accessibility so that the broker can use your information from those Social Platforms.

After you input your Email address and password, your registration will be complete for the most part. Click on the “create account” button after filling in these fields will take you to your new client dashboard.

Although your registration is complete, you will still need to verify your account if you wish to deposit and withdraw. Remember that your account will need to be funded if you plan to open any live positions. You can verify your account by heading to the menu, then account, then verify account.

  • Head to the Plus500 website
  • Click on the "create account" button located in the main menu
  • Fill in your Email address and password, or click on one of the social platforms to register
  • Click and continue to be taken into your new Plus500 client dashboard
  • Verify your account through the client area via the main menu

Plus500 Charts and Analysis

When looking through the Plus500 website, there are a few trading resources and educational materials that traders can review. As you can see from the image below, six sections are available.


However, looking through the Economic Calendar, the Risk Management Section, and the Alerts section, we find that the information that is given refers only to the Plus500 platform specifically. This means that, in general, these should probably be in a FAQ section.

Also, this means that it is not applicable to traders that do not utilize the platform for trading, so in terms of resources, we left these out.

The Economic Calendar also has nothing special to offer, as it is identical to many other calendars that most online brokers have. Thus, we also did not include this section. The trading resources sections that we did include are;

  • Insights
  • Trading Academy
  • News & Market Insights

If you look through the “insights” section, you will notice that insights are available through the platform (in the dashboard) once you have gone through registration. We included this section because even though it is specifically for Plus500, this section is dedicated to the overall markets and is not specific knowledge of how to “use” the platform itself.

Going into the client area either via the web or through your phone and clicking on the insights section will outline what you are able to view. There is an array of categories that you can select through will bring up different “insights.”. Some of these categories include;

  • Most traded
  • Most viewed
  • Most followed
  • Most bought
  • Most sold

Next is the Plus500 Academy. The Academy is geared toward beginner traders; you will not find relevant information here if you are a seasoned professional. The nice thing about the Academy is that you can choose your learning experience. This means you can read through “eBooks,” which are dedicated pages covering beginner trading topics. Otherwise, you can view the same information through educational videos. Links to the “eBooks” and video course sections are found on the Academy page.

For the eBooks and Video tutorials section, you can expect to find topics like “what is CFD trading?” “What is a rollover?” “What are options? ” etc. Then in the Academy section, they also have a link to their FAQ page. We do not really regard this as part of trading resources and educational material that applies to all traders. If anything, FAQs should be classified as part of “customer service.”.

The last section we will cover is their Market News & Insights section. This is the “blog” section, where you can find articles relating to the global economy and the financial markets. There is nothing out of the ordinary with regard to this section, and you can expect it to be updated once a day with what Plus500 thinks is the most impactful news.

It should be noted that there is no category for this page that is inclusive of everything. So if you are looking for an older article or one that covers a specific topic, you are going to have to manually search for it.

They do, however, have tags and a search function. The tags list is quite comprehensive, and if you know the instrument name (because this is what the search function is based on), you should be able to find news and insights on that particular topic immediately. Also, these functions will pull up all information (articles) that Plus500 has on the subject.

  • Insights
  • Trading Academy
  • News & Market Insights

Plus500 Account Types

Unlike other brokers that offer multiple accounts for specific trading situations, Plus500 only offers one standard account. In fact, they don’t even mention account types or the standard account anywhere on their website.

Typically, other online brokers (especially top-tier rated brokers) will have multiple account types, such as accounts offering low spread with trades based on commission. Or there might be accounts for individuals with low capital and traders who want to practice strategies, called Cent accounts.

Nothing in the client area (dashboard) gives any details on the specifics of the account either. Typically, other brokers will specify (sometimes in a list) features or services that relate to the various accounts. This can be things such as leverage, margin call, spread, minimum deposit amount, and tradable lots (both maximum and minimum). Plus500, in this regard, gives no information, and as you can see from the image below, there is not even a link to see general information about your account.

We are also unable to find any information on spread or leverage when going through the Standard account. Typically, for brokers that use proprietary software, leverage options, and other features will be available when you are about to open a position (as you can see from the image below).

However, this is also not the case with this broker. You will need to head to the actual asset sections (which we discussed) to get a general idea of what each will provide. For example, the forex section states that leverage is up to 30:1.

The only other information we could find regarding the standard account and spread information is shown in the image below. To see the spread of each instrument, you will need to log into your client area, and then for each instrument, you wish to know the spread of, you will need to click on the details icon and then scroll down to the information section.

(Type of Broker) Standard Account
Features One account for all traders
Account Currencies USD
Available Leverage 30:1
Minimum Deposit 100 USD or equivalent
Commission Per Trade varies
Decimal Pricing N/A
Trading Instruments Forex, stocks, options, ETFs, crypto, indices, commodities
Min. Lot Size Per Trade Unknown
Max. Lot Size Per Trade Unknown
Spreads Variable
Demo Account Yes
Swap/Rollover Free No
Hedging No
Scalping Yes
Copy Trading Support No
Available to US Residents No

  • Standard account

Do I Have Negative Balance Protection with This Broker?

Plus500 doesn’t specifically state that they have negative balance protection. However, looking through their FAQs, you will find this statement;

  • “Customers cannot lose more than the funds they have in their account. The “Margin Call” feature exists in order to prevent your account from having a negative balance. However, a temporary situation may occur when the balance becomes negative pending the deposit of funds to maintain your open position(s) or just before your closure of the positions.”

Reading through this statement, Plus500 clearly states that a client’s account can never “lose more than the funds they have.”. A margin call is not specifically tied to negative balance and top-tier brokers now that most (if not all clients) are looking for this policy from a broker. Or further information (and before registering with this broker), we suggest you look at their section for a margin call.

  • Yes, they offer negative balance protection

Plus500 Deposits and Withdrawals

Not much information is given on deposits and withdrawals in terms of what methods (payment systems) and fees are in place. Heading to the “fees & charges” section provides no information except for this banner (shown in the image below).

Plus500 states that most payment gateways are included, and in some cases, you may incur fees when transferring money to and from your Plus500 account. Not being transparent about what fees and payment gateways are available is not a good look for the broker. Most reputable brokers do not have fees for deposits or withdrawals unless you are using crypto (then the exchange will have fees).

It should be noted that even when registered with the broker, you cannot see what payment systems are available for deposits and withdrawals unless you go through the steps to verify your account.

However, looking through the FAQs, we found information on how to make a deposit and what systems are offered. Clients can deposit funds by using the following;

  • Master Card or Visa
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer

It would be wise to remember that this information should not only be available in the FAQs section. Many beginner traders are not willing to search through the entire broker website to try to find information that should be readily available and published in the sections they are meant to be in.

  • The minimum deposit for the Plus500 account is: 100 USD or equivalent
  • Master Card or Visa
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer

Support Service for Customer

Plus500 does not have a “client support” area or a “contact” page. You must head to their FAQs section to discover that you can contact support. No information on this is given; we just found it searching through the section. This is a pity because the two support channels are live and could solve any problem you have immediately. The two live support channels are;

  • Whatsapp
  • Live Chat

You would typically see that other online brokers offering a live chat feature have a popup on every page you visit. This is great for support and an effective way to promote reputation. As you can see from the image, they also offer support via Email.

However, they do not offer an email address that you can contact; rather, this link will take you to a contact form page where you can fill in your details and then leave a question.

We would have to say that the live chat and WhatsApp support channels are a good addition, and perhaps due to the number of clients, other forms of support are not viable options. But, having these support channels hidden away in the FAQs section and not having a dedicated page is somewhat disappointing and could affect client acquisition and retention.

Plus500 Customer Support Overview
Supported Languages English
Customer Service By Plus500
Customer Service Hours 24/7
Email Response Time Unknown
Telephonic Support No
Personal Account Manager No

  • Supported Languages: English
  • Customer Service Channels: Live Chat, WhatsApp, Email
  • Customer Service Hours: 24/7

Prohibited Countries: Where Can I Not Trade with this Broker?

This broker does not give any information regarding which countries they are not allowed to operate in and who is not able to register a trading account with them. Searching through their FAQ section and inputting various words and phrases relating to the topic does not bring up any results (as you can see from the image below).

According to Wikipedia, the broker has subsidiaries in the UK, Cyprus, Australia, Israel, Seychelles, Singapore, Bulgaria, Estonia, the United States, and Japan. They are also listed on the London Stock Exchange and are part of the FTSE 250.

This would imply that Plus500 could, in fact, operate in those regions, and residents and citizens from those regions could open an account. However, this information is not definitive, so we can’t give you a clear answer.

Typically, the SEC controls brokers who want to operate in the US; unless the broker is licensed, they will not be allowed to operate in that region. Plus500 is not regulated by the SEC, so it is doubtful that it can operate in the US. Then we can also assume that some countries, such as North Korea and Russia, may be banned due to sanctions, so we have included these.

The only way you will be able to tell if you can open an account with this broker is to try and register with them.

  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Belarus
  • US
  • Russia

Special Offers for Customers

The only special offer that Plus500 has is that of an affiliate program. If you don’t know, an affiliate program is where you will get a fee for every client that joins the broker and who is referred by you (you will usually get a link).

However, if you head to the affiliates section for this broker, you will again find no information regarding payout, rebates, or any other conditions. All you will see are CTAs trying to entice you to join the program.

Top-tier brokers usually have a combination of special offers, including welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, competitions, IB programs, loyalty programs, and more.

As such, we can’t say that Plus500 giveaways are much when it comes to special offers or promotions. For example, eToro does not have special promotions or offers either, but their platform is completely based on copy and social trading, which in itself is a special promotion. Plus500 is implementing what we consider to be the bare minimum. This is especially true, seeing as how large this broker is.

  • Affiliate Program

Plus500 Review Conclusion: Reputable Broker with Easy-to-use Platform

By these factors alone, the broker should be considered reliable and safe, and they are.


Plus500 is one of the biggest online brokers that is regulated by several top-tier authorities. Their subsidiaries are located across the globe, and this broker is also on the London Stock Exchange as part of the FTSE 250.

By these factors alone, the broker should be considered reliable and safe, and they are. They also have thousands of sterling reviews from clients on Trustpilot and are involved in sponsoring some of the largest sports clubs in the world. A broker that is typically a “scam” would not necessarily put so much of a spotlight on themselves.

Summary and Key Takeaways

This broker is on the London Stock Exchange as part of the FTSE 250. They were founded in 2008 and have subsidiaries spanning from the US across the globe to Australia. There are two ways to trade CFDs, Options, and Futures with this broker: through their web terminal or mobile app. All traders will get only one trading account when signing up, and they will need to verify their identity before they are able to deposit or withdraw any funds.

Remember that this broker does not offer MetaTrader as a trading platform and that not much in terms of information regarding leverage, spreads, and anything specific to trading accounts is covered. Then they have a live chat feature, but customer support details (like the live chat) are hidden away in the FAQ section.

  • Founded in 2008
  • Have entities located throughout the globe
  • One trading account for all traders
  • Can trade CFDs for forex, stocks, options, ETFs, commodities, indices, and crypto
  • Part of the FTSE 250 index
  • Listed on the London Stock Exchange
  • No MetaTrader
  • Proprietary platform (Web Terminal and Mobile)
  • Thousands of positive reviews from clients on Trustpilot
  • Sponsor many large and famous sports clubs


Is Plus500 trusted?

Plus500 is trusted. They were founded in 2008, have thousands of good customer reviews on Trustpilot, and are regulated by many top-tier authorities, including;

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA)
  • Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
  • Financial Market Authority (FMA)

What is the minimum deposit for Plus500?

The minimum deposit for Plus500 is 100 USD or the equivalent.

Can I withdraw all my money from plus500?

You are able to withdraw your funds from your Plus500 trading account at any time. The methods by which you can withdraw your funds include;

  • Master Card or Visa
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer

Is Plus500 good for Beginners?

Plus500 is beginner friendly as they have designed their proprietary software (Web terminal and mobile) to be simple to understand and easy to navigate. Everything is laid out very simply. Remember that trading in itself is difficult, so a broker can not make trading easy in any sense of the word. They only provide services and features that allow you to trade, and those features may be beginner friendly, as in Plus500.

How do you get paid on Plus500?

You don’t get paid on Plus500. If you manage to deposit funds and increase your capital by making good trades and investments, then you will be able to withdraw those funds from your account by;

  • Master Card or Visa
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer

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    Plus500 Review 2024: Is It a Good Broker?
    Plus500 Review 2024: Is It a Good Broker?
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