RBI Chief Predicts an 8% GDP Growth for India in FY24


  • The Indian economy might hit close to an 8% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate in the FY24 fiscal year, as predicted by the Reserve Bank of India’s chief.
  • This impressive financial projection underscores the nation’s robust and resilient financial sector amidst global turmoil.
  • The central bank is working diligently to maintain financial stability and support seamless growth.
  • The Reserve Bank of India’s progressive policies are expected to usher in a favorable climate conducive to these projections.

Indian Economic Projections for FY24

The Reserve Bank of India’s chief has spoken optimistically about the country’s financial outlook, predicting that India’s GDP growth may approach an impressive 8% close in the FY24 fiscal year. His views reiterate confidence in the nation’s robust economic system despite challenges to international finance.

Role of the Reserve Bank in Promoting Growth

The Reserve Bank of India’s chief has been steadfast in the commitment to create an empowering environment that will enable and foster the projected growth rate. This includes policies and strategies designed to manage currency rates, support debt management, and ensure overall financial stability in the country.

Moving Towards an 8% GDP Growth

An 8% GDP growth rate is an encouraging sign of India’s financial resilience and capacity to overcome global headwinds effectively. This anticipated growth is indicative of the country’s robust economic health, bearing testament to the progressive policies implemented by the Reserve Bank of India.

Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/business/story/rbi-governor-shaktikanta-das-fy24-gdp-growth-more-than-8-percent-2511360-2024-03-06

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