Lirunex Review 2024: Is Lirunex Safe or Scam?

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Lirunex Overviews

Lirunex is a globally recognized broker, with its regional offices across multiple continents and an extensive digital footprint, it caters to the diverse needs of its clientele. But does it meet all your trading requirements? Stay tuned, as this review will unravel everything you need to know about Lirunex.

Lirunex Review 2024: Is Lirunex Safe or Scam?

Lirunex, an experienced broker with a solid grip in the market, has been serving the trading community for seven years. Offering a broad spectrum of services and solutions that are custom-tailored to cater to the diverse needs of traders, Lirunex stands as a reliable choice for those who wish to embark on their trading journey. But does Lirunex’s offerings align well with your trading aspirations? To ascertain that, we need to delve into the specifics.

To begin with, Lirunex provides a robust trading platform that is not only user-friendly but is also replete with advanced features that elevate the level of trading experience. From real-time market data to analytical tools, the platform offers resources to aid traders in making informed decisions. As well as that, the trading platform ensures a seamless trading experience with quick execution speeds and the flexibility to trade from anywhere, at any time.

When it comes to trading conditions, Lirunex shines in the market with competitive spreads that allow traders to maximise their potential earnings. Furthermore, the platform supports a high level of leverage, empowering traders to control a larger position in the market with a relatively small deposit. As well as these favourable conditions, Lirunex also offers a demo account, providing a risk-free environment for beginners to get a feel for the platform and develop their trading strategies.

Being regulated by reputable authorities instills trust and credibility in the services Lirunex offers. The strict regulatory framework they adhere to ensures a high level of security for client funds and transparency in their operations. Additionally, this regulated broker abides by the necessary regulations to provide a fair trading environment.

One of the standout features Lirunex offers is the wide array of trading instruments. Whether you’re interested in trading on forex, commodities, indices, or any other instrument, Lirunex ensures you have the resources and tools at your disposal to make your trading journey a success.

Moreover, they offer different account types, including a trading account that suits the needs and trading goals of both beginner and experienced traders. This allows traders to choose an account that aligns with their level of trading expertise, financial capabilities, and risk tolerance.

Lirunex’s commitment to serving its clients is evident in some of its unique features like customer support channels, as well as promotional offers that are designed to incentivise traders. These aspects contribute to making Lirunex a strong contender in the market.

In conclusion, Lirunex, with its robust trading platform, favourable trading conditions, and comprehensive support, proves to be a broker that can align well with your trading goals. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, Lirunex offers services that can help take your trading to the next level. But like every other broker in the market, it’s essential to assess the broker’s offerings against your specific trading requirements to make the right choice.

Broker Feature Overview
Type of Broker Forex broker
Regulation & Licensing Ministry Of Economic Development (MED)
Applicable Countries Allowed To Trade See section below
Assets Offered Forex, metals, energies, indices, crypto, stocks
Platforms Available MT4, Lirunex Trading App, FIX API
Mobile Compatibility Yes
Payment & Withdrawal Options


Debit and credit card, Local transfer, Global transfer, TRC, ERC, Bitwallet, Bitpay, Thunderx.

Facts About Lirunex
  • Lirunex has been operating in the financial market for seven years.
  • They provide a variety of promotional offers, including deposit bonuses, trading bonuses, and more.
  • Lirunex offers robust customer service channels, including live chat, Email, and phone support.
  • They operate globally, except for certain regions due to specific sanctions and restrictions.
  • The broker's headquarter is located in the Republic of Marshall Islands, with an additional registered address in Hong Kong and a business address in Malaysia.

Pros and Cons

  • Long-standing presence in the industry, marking reliability
  • Variety of promotional offers catering to different trading needs
  • Robust customer service channels for comprehensive client support
  • Global operations extend its reach to a wide range of clients
  • Regional restrictions limit the broker's availability to certain areas
  • The diversity of promotional offers may be overwhelming to new traders
  • Contact form on the website may be confusing to some users with the mathematical question included
  • The availability and effectiveness of customer support may vary based on location and time zones

Is Lirunex Safe? Broker Regulations

Lirunex is a global brokerage firm that has left a profound imprint on the financial industry. The firm’s dedication to offering high-quality financial services and fintech solutions has set Lirunex apart from the competition in the bustling financial services sector. In-depth information about the regulations that govern Lirunex is readily available on their website, under the ‘About Us’ tab in the ‘Licensed Broker’ section and the site’s footer section.

Regulation in the financial industry serves as a bedrock to ensure that firms abide by established norms, maintain transparency, and protect the interests of investors. Trading with a regulated brokerage firm like Lirunex provides traders with the assurance that the firm operates under specified rules and regulations, promoting fairness and security in all dealings.

Lirunex Limited is governed by the Republic of Maldives’ Ministry of Economic Development (MED). Under the registration number 102684, Lirunex Limited has been re-registered following the Republic of Maldives Companies Act (Law No.: 10/96). This re-registration grants Lirunex the authorization to operate a Forex platform, as substantiated by Certificate No. FC00022020.

In addition to this, Lirunex Limited has been incorporated and registered under the law of the Republic of the Marshall Islands as an International Business Corporation. Furthering its reach, the company has also been incorporated and registered in Hong Kong to deliver the group’s financial services and fintech solutions. Lirunex’s registered office in Hong Kong can be found at Unit D,16/F, One Capital Place, 18 Luard Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Regulation is a crucial aspect in the financial industry. It ensures fair play and preserves the industry’s integrity and credibility. Without adequate regulation, firms might engage in practices that don’t line up with the investors’ best interests.

Engaging with a regulated broker such as Lirunex ensures that traders are dealing with a firm held to high operational standards. As required by law, such a firm prioritizes the interests of its customers and is committed to preserving the fairness and integrity of the financial markets.

Being regulated obligates brokers like Lirunex to maintain transparency in their operations and interactions. This accountability requires brokers to offer accurate, clear information to their clients, thus preventing them from making false promises or providing misleading information.

Additionally, regulations ensure that brokers like Lirunex have the necessary financial resources and adhere to fair pricing and execution practices. These firms are also obligated to protect client funds, separating them from the firm’s operational funds, safeguarding the clients’ money even in the event of the firm’s bankruptcy.

Lirunex is also regulated broker that offers different account types, including a demo account for beginners which we will discuss later on. This allows them to experience the platform and the level of trading conditions that they can expect when trading on various fx pairs. The option to trade on a demo account is just some of the many ways Lirunex proves its dedication to providing a comfortable, secure trading environment for its clients.

  • Ministry Of Economic Development (MED)

What Can I Trade with Lirunex?

As an investor or trader, you need a reliable brokerage platform that offers a wide variety of assets for trading. Lirunex is one such platform that prides itself on its comprehensive range of tradable assets, including Forex, Metals, Energies, Indices, Crypto, and Stocks. The specifics of these trading offerings can be found on Lirunex’s website under the “Trading” section, particularly within the “Leverage and Margin” and “Contract Specifications” sections.

One of the key features of Lirunex is its broad spectrum of tradable assets. Instead of having individual pages for each asset type, the broker efficiently categorizes them under various account types and conditions, providing a more streamlined experience for its clients.


Lirunex is particularly renowned for its Forex trading capabilities. Offering access to a myriad of currency pairs, this platform enables traders to capitalize on the volatility and liquidity of the global forex market.


Metals such as silver (XAGUSD) and gold (XAUUSD) are also available for trading. Lirunex provides detailed contract specifications for each, including average spreads, pip values, and lot ranges. The leverage offered for metal contracts is 200, with a system of forced liquidation at a 25% inter-week margin and 50% overnight interest.

Energies, Indices, Crypto, and Stocks

Alongside Forex and Metals, Lirunex also offers trading in energy commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. This diversification allows traders to mitigate risks and seize opportunities across multiple markets.

In a little more detail, contract specifications refer to the details of the contract for the asset being traded, while leverage profiles describe the ratio of the amount that can be controlled based on a specific deposit in a trading account.

At Lirunex, leverage profiles can be adjusted based on equity or trading patterns changes, which can occur without clients’ prior notice. This flexibility in adjusting leverage profiles allows Lirunex to cater to the different risk levels of its clients and group their assets.

Understanding margin requirements is crucial when trading Contract for Differences (CFDs) with Lirunex. The margin requirement is the minimum level of funds needed in your account, which depends on your account’s leverage. Understanding how margin requirements work can help you avoid margin calls and stop-out levels.

Lirunex operates a partial stop-out policy when equity/margin hits 25% or lower, with the system liquidating the largest losing trade first until the account is back above 25%.

It’s also important to note that the leverage for all Forex pairs and spot metals is adjusted to a maximum of 1:100 every Friday or one hour before the market close on holidays. The leverage is automatically restored when the market reopens.

To maintain their positions, clients must ensure they have sufficient funds in their accounts every Friday or one hour before the market closes on holidays. Failure to meet the required leverage and margin conditions could lead to the forced liquidation of part or all of the positions in an account without prior notice.

Lirunex’s broad range of tradable assets, detailed contract specifications, and flexible leverage and margin requirements make it an attractive choice for traders of all levels of experience. Its commitment to transparency and adaptability further solidifies its position as a leading broker in the financial market.

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stocks (Shares)
  • Forex
  • Metals
  • Energies
  • Indices

How to Trade with Lirunex?

Navigating through the financial markets necessitates robust trading platforms that offer efficiency, accessibility, and reliability. Lirunex has excelled in this regard, delivering a range of platforms and methods that empower traders to manage their investments seamlessly. These include the MetaTrader 4 (MT4), Lirunex Trading App, and FIX API. Detailed information on these platforms can be found on Lirunex’s website under the “Trading” section.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Though Lirunex’s MT4 page primarily serves as a hub for downloading the application, it’s important to appreciate what this platform brings to the table. MT4 is renowned globally for its advanced charting capabilities, user-friendly interface, and powerful trading tools. It supports automated trading through Expert Advisors (EAs), making it an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced traders. The platform is also compatible with the Lirunex Trading App, allowing users to manage their MT4 accounts on-the-go.

Lirunex Trading App

Lirunex offers its proprietary Trading App, which incorporates a host of features designed to enhance user experience and streamline trading processes. Whether you’re managing live or demo accounts or handling funds, the Lirunex Trading App delivers convenience in just a few clicks.

Its built-in features include registering and managing accounts directly from the App, enabling users to monitor their trades anytime, anywhere. The App also offers diverse trading tools, such as symbol trading schedules, position protection, pending orders, and price alerts.

One standout feature of the Lirunex Trading App is its copy trading facility. This allows traders to replicate the trades of successful investors worldwide, capitalizing on their strategies and expertise. Coupled with its rich analytics features, the App offers traders an effective way to evaluate their performance and refine their strategies.

The App also caters to a global user base with support in multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Malay, Vietnamese, and Thai.


Lirunex offers the FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API for professional and institutional traders. This technology facilitates real-time communication with clients, traders, investment funds, brokers, and liquidity providers, eliminating the need for third-party applications.

Key advantages of the FIX API include direct liquidity provider (LP) access, enabling real-time data feed and order management, and tighter spreads and swaps. Moreover, it features a MT4 to FIX API Bridge, providing complete control over the clearing process and satisfying algorithmic trading needs under real-time architecture.

The FIX API also offers low-latency execution and swap netting, meaning it calculates trades and swaps based on net exposure. This makes it ideal for experienced traders seeking high-speed, direct access to Lirunex’s trading servers, with latency as low as 1 millisecond.

Lirunex provides a range of powerful trading platforms tailored to different trader requirements. With the comprehensive functionalities offered by the MT4, the user-friendly Lirunex Trading App, and the professional-grade FIX API, Lirunex stands out as a technology-driven broker committed to delivering superior trading environments for its clients.

Features MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Lirunex Trading App FIX API
One-Click or One-Tap Trading Yes Yes Yes
Trade Straight off Charts Yes Yes No
Email Alerts or Push Notifications Yes Yes No
Mobile Alerts Yes Yes No
Stop Order Yes Yes Yes
Market Order Yes Yes Yes
Trailing Stop Order Yes Yes Yes
OCO Orders (One-Cancels-The-Other) Yes Yes Yes
Limit Order Yes Yes Yes
24hr trading Yes Yes Yes
Charting Package Yes Yes No
Streaming News Feed Yes Yes No

The above table provides a general comparison across platforms. However, it’s important to remember that each platform’s capabilities may vary slightly based on the specific version of the platform provided by Lirunex. As always, it’s advised to check the specific platform documentation provided by the broker for accurate information.

  • MT4
  • Lirunex Trading App

How Can I Open Lirunex Account? A Simple Tutorial

In order to open an account, you will need to head to the broker’s website and then click on the “create account” option located in the header.

You will then be redirected to the registration page, and no matter your location, your region will be routed to reflect in “your country of residence.” On this page, you will need to fill in your account type, username, title, first and last name, Email, password, and phone number. After filling in the necessary fields, you will only need to click on the “sign up” button.

Your registration at this point will basically be complete, and you will be redirected into the client area where you will need to go through the “onboarding” process, which is just a way to say that you will need to move through a verification process that includes giving more personal information and uploading your ID and other required documents.

  • Go to the broker's website
  • Click on the "create account" option in the header
  • You will be redirected to the registration page
  • Your region will be automatically reflected based on your country of residence
  • Fill in the required fields, including account type, username, title, first and last name, email, password, and phone number
  • Click on the "sign up" button
  • Your registration will be almost complete
  • You will be redirected to the client area
  • Complete the onboarding process, which involves verifying your identity and providing additional personal information
  • Upload your ID and any other required documents

Lirunex Charts and Analysis

Lirunex offers limited resources and educational materials. Their offerings aim to equip novice and seasoned traders with the necessary tools and information, ensuring a seamless trading experience where they can.

FAQ Section

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is integral to Lirunex’s platform. This feature is designed to answer common inquiries promptly, saving users valuable time. It is divided into sections for easy navigation, covering topics such as account information, deposits and withdrawals, and navigating the MetaTrader 4 platform.

However, despite its comprehensiveness, it must be stated that this is the only extensive resource material readily available on Lirunex. More resources could greatly enhance the learning experience for traders, especially those new to the field.

News Section

The News section essentially functions as a blog, providing updates on the company’s activities, awards, and participation in expos and summits. It is a valuable tool to stay informed about Lirunex’s trajectory and its alignment with market trends.

Nevertheless, its potential as a trading resource is somewhat underutilized. Brokers often provide market news and updates as part of their news section, providing traders with valuable insights that can guide their trading decisions. Such a feature is noticeably absent here, and its inclusion could further boost the platform’s value for its users.

Forex Education

While holding potential as a valuable learning tool, the Forex Education section essentially functions as another blog on Lirunex’s platform. It offers articles on topics ranging from how to start forex trading, the importance of regulation in FX trading, and what makes a successful forex trader.

While this content is undoubtedly beneficial for traders, it is limited in scope. Offering a wider range of educational materials like webinars, video tutorials, e-books, and in-depth courses could significantly improve the learning journey for Lirunex’s users.

The Importance of Comprehensive Trading Resources

Good trading resources are instrumental in ensuring traders make informed decisions. They provide crucial insights into market trends, equip traders with necessary trading skills, and help them stay updated on any changes in the trading landscape. An example of this would be ZFX which has a great array of trading resources and educational materials.

Equally important is the need for comprehensive educational material. Education equips traders with the knowledge needed to navigate the often complex world of trading. It empowers traders to understand and interpret market trends, make informed decisions, and, ultimately, succeed in their trading endeavors.

Lirunex offers a basic suite of resources and educational materials. The FAQ section is comprehensive, but the News and Forex Education sections function more as blogs than as resourceful platforms. There is potential for Lirunex to greatly enhance its platform by offering a wider range of educational materials and incorporating market news and insights into its News section.

Please remember that all this information is available on the Lirunex website under the “About Us” section, where you can then navigate to the appropriate section for each.

  • FAQ
  • News
  • Forex Education (blog)

Lirunex Account Types

Lirunex is a broker that provides an array of account types to suit different kinds of traders. These account types, visible on their website under the “trading” section, cater to both traditional and Islamic trading principles. Each account is distinctive in its own right, allowing traders to choose an option that is tailored to their trading strategy and risk tolerance. However, it’s important to note that the account types page only provides a table comparison overview of each account type without much additional information.

LX-Standard Account

The LX-Standard Account is designed for those who are just beginning their journey in the forex trading world. With a minimum deposit of just 25 USD, this account is a great starting point for traders looking to dip their toes into the financial markets. It offers leverage of up to 1:2000 for minor FX pairs, precious metals, and commodities, and 1:500 for major FX pairs, allowing traders to control larger positions with a smaller capital outlay. This account does not charge a commission and operates with floating spreads as low as 1.5.

LX-Prime Account

The LX-Prime Account requires a higher minimum deposit of 200 USD, but it offers more competitive conditions for more experienced traders. The leverage provided is the same as the LX-Standard account, but the floating spreads can be as low as 0.0, providing tighter spreads and potentially lower transaction costs. However, it’s important to consider that this account does charge a commission of 8 USD per lot.

LX-Pro Account

The LX-Pro Account could be an excellent fit for seasoned traders with a significant capital. With a minimum deposit of 10,000 USD, this account maintains the same leverage levels as the previous accounts and features floating spreads as low as 0.0. The commission is lower than the LX-Prime Account, at 4 USD per lot, which may appeal to traders looking to minimize costs while maximizing potential returns.

Islamic Standard and Islamic Pro Accounts

Respecting the principles of Islamic finance, Lirunex offers two types of Islamic accounts – Islamic Standard and Islamic Prime. Both are 100% Shariah compliant and swap-free, making them suitable for traders who wish to adhere to Islamic law. The Islamic Standard account requires a minimum deposit of 25 USD and has no commission, while the Islamic Prime account requires a deposit of 200 USD and charges a commission of 8 USD per lot. The floating spreads and leverage levels mirror those of the conventional accounts.

Choosing the right account type is a crucial step in every trader’s journey. The offerings of Lirunex, from their LX-Standard to LX-Pro, as well as their Islamic accounts, provide options for traders of various experience levels and trading styles. However, due to the lack of extensive information provided on the website, it may be beneficial for potential traders to contact Lirunex’s customer service for more details before deciding on an account.

While Lirunex does provide options for different types of traders, remember that forex trading involves significant risks. Understanding your own risk tolerance, trading goals, and the specifics of each account type is vital to making an informed decision.

Features LX-Standard LX-Prime LX-Pro
Account Currencies USD USD USD
Available Leverage Up to 1:2000 Up to 1:2000 Up to 1:2000
Minimum Deposit 25 USD 200 USD 10,000 USD
Commission Per Trade 0 USD 8 USD per lot 4 USD per lot
Decimal Pricing Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
Trading Instruments FX pairs, Precious metals, Commodities, CFDs FX pairs, Precious metals, Commodities, CFDs FX pairs, Precious metals, Commodities, CFDs
Min. Lot Size Per Trade 0.01 0.01 0.01
Max. Lot Size Per Trade 20 20 20
Spreads As low as 1.5 floating spreads As low as 0.0 floating spreads As low as 0.0 floating spreads
Demo Account Yes Yes Yes
Swap/Rollover Free Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
Hedging Yes Yes Yes
Scalping Yes Yes Yes
Copy Trading Support Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
Available to U.S. Residents Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided

Features Islamic Standard Islamic Prime
Account Currencies USD USD
Available Leverage Up to 1:2000 Up to 1:2000
Minimum Deposit 25 USD 200 USD
Commission Per Trade 0 USD 8 USD per lot
Decimal Pricing Not Provided Not Provided
Trading Instruments FX pairs, Precious metals, Commodities FX pairs, Precious metals, Commodities
Min. Lot Size Per Trade 0.01 0.01
Max. Lot Size Per Trade 20 20
Spreads As low as 1.5 floating spreads As low as 0.0 floating spreads
Demo Account Yes Yes
Swap/Rollover Free Yes Yes
Hedging Yes Yes
Scalping Yes Yes
Copy Trading Support Not Provided Not Provided
Available to U.S. Residents Not Provided Not Provided

  • LX-Standard
  • LX-Prime
  • LX-Pro
  • Islamic Standard and Pro

Do I Have Negative Balance Protection with This Broker?

Lirunex is an international financial broker offering a variety of trading services to its clients. Among the array of features and benefits it offers, one significant policy that sets Lirunex apart is its commitment to Negative Balance Protection. This is a valuable policy for retail traders, yet the information is not readily available on the broker’s website and can only be found by reading through a specific PDF document provided by the broker.

What is Negative Balance Protection?

Negative Balance Protection is a policy that protects retail clients from ending up with a negative balance in their trading accounts. In the volatile world of financial markets, drastic price changes can occur within fractions of a second. This volatility can potentially lead to losses that exceed the trader’s account balance, thus resulting in a negative account balance.

This is where Negative Balance Protection comes into play. Lirunex assures its retail clients that should their account slip into negative equity due to trading losses, the broker will reset the account balance to zero and absorb the loss. This effectively means that clients cannot lose more money than they have initially invested. This protection is essential as it provides traders with the assurance and peace of mind to know they won’t be liable for any debt to the broker beyond their initial investment.

Why should Lirunex display this policy on its website?

Transparency is vital in the financial services industry. By making such policies prominent on their website, Lirunex would increase the trust and confidence of their clients and potential traders who are considering using their services. By not readily presenting this policy, they may inadvertently be creating uncertainty or confusion.

Additionally, negative balance protection is crucial for traders – especially those just starting. It is crucial in choosing a broker, as it provides a safety net and limits potential losses. Thus, having this information easily accessible would benefit not only Lirunex’s clients but also the broker itself by attracting more potential traders.

Lirunex’s CYSEC License

Lirunex claims to possess a Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) license in the aforementioned PDF. This is an essential piece of information since the CYSEC regulation mandates that all licensed brokers provide negative balance protection to their clients. However, just like their negative balance protection policy, this information is not prominently displayed on their website.

Having a license from a well-known regulatory body like CYSEC adds credibility to a broker’s reputation. It provides reassurance to traders, who are often concerned about the safety of their funds. Therefore, highlighting their CYSEC license prominently on the website would instill more confidence in Lirunex’s potential and existing clients.

While Lirunex offers crucial features such as negative balance protection, they would greatly benefit from making these features and their CYSEC license more visible on their website. Doing so could attract more clients, increase trader confidence, and solidify their reputation as a reliable and trustworthy broker.

  • Yes*

Lirunex Deposits and Withdrawals

One of the vital aspects that traders consider when choosing a broker is the ease and flexibility of depositing and withdrawing funds. Lirunex, as a globally recognized financial broker, understands this importance and offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. The specifics of these methods can be found under the ‘trading’ menu on the Lirunex website, within the appropriately titled section.


To fund your trading account, Lirunex provides several options, from bank transfers to credit cards and other popular electronic payment systems. Some of these options include Local Transfers in South East Asia and China, credit card payments, and a variety of digital currency solutions.

Minimum deposit amounts vary depending on the method, ranging from as low as 20 USD for some local transfers and credit card payments up to 2000 USD for certain bank deposit options. Supported currencies include USD, MYR, THB, IDR, VND, SGD, RMB, and a few others.

Deposit conditions range from instant transactions, which are predominantly for local transfers, to 3-5 business days for other methods. The good news is that Lirunex does not apply any deposit fees, keeping your trading costs to a minimum.


Withdrawals, like deposits, are also easy and varied. Available options for withdrawal consist of local transfers, credit card, and several other methods, with the minimum amount starting at 20 USD. Depending on the chosen method, withdrawal times can range from as quick as 24 hours to 7-10 banking days.

It’s important to note that while Lirunex doesn’t impose any withdrawal fees on most methods, charges may be applied by the bank or the crypto exchange or provider. A gas fee applies for transactions involving the Ethereum blockchain, which is essentially a fee paid for transacting on the Ethereum network.

Withdrawal requests at Lirunex are processed within 24 hours from submission from Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays. Funds are returned to your account using the same method you utilized for deposit.

Lirunex is constantly working on expanding the list of available deposit and withdrawal methods. They are open to customer feedback and suggestions. If your preferred method is not currently supported, you can contact their support team who will consider adding the suggested method.

  • Debit and credit card
  • Local transfer
  • Global transfer
  • TRC
  • ERC
  • Bitwallet
  • Bitpay
  • Thunderx

Support Service for Customer

In the rapidly moving world of financial trading, timely and effective customer support is key. Lirunex, a globally recognized broker, clearly understands this need and provides a range of customer support channels and methods. You can find these options under the “Contact Us” section in their website’s “About Us” menu.

Direct Contact Methods

One of the most convenient ways to reach out to Lirunex is through their direct contact channels. Whether it’s a general query or a finance-related question, you can directly email them at support@lirunex.com and finance@lirunex.com, respectively. They also offer phone support, which can be very handy for immediate assistance. Their customer support hotline is +603 22421878.

If you prefer a more casual, instant messaging style of communication, Lirunex offers support via WhatsApp. The link to access their WhatsApp support can be found on their website’s “Contact Us” page.

Live Chat and Contact Form

Lirunex features a live chat support system for real-time assistance on its website. This feature allows for instantaneous responses to your questions, which can be particularly useful for new traders or those facing immediate issues.

Additionally, they provide an easy-to-use contact form where you can input your name, Email, and the nature of your inquiry. This option adds another layer of convenience, allowing you to reach out to the Lirunex support team anytime and anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lirunex hosts a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for common queries (which we already touched on). This can often be the quickest way to resolve standard questions about their services, as it compiles answers to their users’ most frequently posed queries.

Office Locations

If you wish to contact or visit them in person, Lirunex has its registered addresses in the Republic of Marshall Island and Hong Kong. Their business address is located in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Lirunex’s diverse range of customer support channels and methods demonstrates its commitment to offering prompt and effective support to its users. With options ranging from direct phone calls and emails to a handy live chat feature, they strive to make it as straightforward as possible for clients to get the assistance they need.

Lirunex Customer Support Overview
Supported Languages English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish
Customer Service By Lirunex
Customer Service Hours Not specified
Email Response Time Withing 1 day
Telephonic Support Yes
Personal Account Manager Yes

  • Supported Languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish
  • Customer Service Channels: WhatsApp, live chat, contact form, phone, Email
  • Customer Service Hours: not specified

Prohibited Countries: Where Can I Not Trade with this Broker?

In the sphere of financial trading, not every broker can operate in every corner of the globe. Various factors, such as stringent regulatory requirements, national laws, economic sanctions, and local financial stability, can limit a broker’s ability to offer its services in certain regions. Lirunex is no exception to this rule. Information about their geographical operational restrictions is transparently displayed in the footer section of their website.

Lirunex’s Regional Restrictions

Specifically, Lirunex does not offer its services to residents of North Korea, Congo, Libya, Afghanistan, Cuba, Mali, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Belarus, and Venezuela. These regional restrictions are not arbitrary but are due to a variety of legal, financial, and ethical considerations.

Every nation has its own regulatory framework and laws concerning financial activities within its borders. These laws are meant to protect consumers and maintain the integrity and stability of their financial system. Operating in countries without meeting their specific regulatory conditions can lead to penalties and damage to a broker’s reputation.

For instance, countries like North Korea and Cuba are under international sanctions, making it extremely challenging, if not impossible, for brokers to legally provide services to residents of these nations.

A country’s political and economic climate plays a pivotal role in determining whether a broker can offer its services. Countries in conflict or with unstable economies often pose a high risk for financial businesses. These risks can range from financial fraud to difficulty in ensuring smooth transactions due to infrastructural inadequacies.

The listed countries, like Libya, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan, are currently or have recently been in states of significant political instability or conflict. Consequently, operating in these regions can expose Lirunex and its clients to unnecessary risks.

Lirunex demonstrates its commitment to compliance with international regulations and laws by adhering to these regional restrictions. This not only safeguards the broker from potential legal troubles but also ensures that its operations align with the ethical norms and standards of the industry. After all, a trusted broker values the safety of its operations and the security of its clients’ investments above all else.

While Lirunex’s services are not available everywhere, this is more a sign of a responsible and law-abiding company than a limitation. Potential traders should appreciate this level of transparency, which contributes to the overall trustworthiness of the broker.

  • North Korea, Congo, Libya, Afghanistan, Cuba, Mali, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Belarus, and Venezuela

Special Offers for Customers

Lirunex, as a customer-centric financial trading platform, understands the importance of providing enticing promotions and special offers to its users. You can explore a multitude of rewards and bonuses on their website under the ‘Promotion‘ tab in the main menu.

Celebrating 7 Years in the Industry

To mark its 7th anniversary in the financial sector, Lirunex is hosting a unique celebration that lets traders reap lucrative rewards. Upon opening a new trading account within the promotional period (1 June to 31 December 2023), you can access a deposit bonus of $100 when you trade a minimum of 1 lot.

This promotion encourages you to trade more, thereby increasing your chances of earning additional credit bonuses ranging from $177 to $7777. There is also a consolation cash wallet bonus of $77 for ten participants. The results for this promotion will be disclosed on the 7th of every month, with the next draw starting on 7 July 2023.

100% Deposit Bonus

Lirunex offers a 100% deposit bonus to boost your trading efficacy by up to $20,000. This offer is valid from 1 April to 30 June 2023. This promotion is aimed at traders looking to level up their trading experience and is valid for first-time deposits in LX-Standard or Islamic Standard accounts.

With a minimum deposit of $100, you can take advantage of this promotion and potentially increase your trading capability. To avail of the bonus, fill out and submit the application form after depositing funds in your account.

20% Trading Bonus

In another enticing offer, Lirunex allows you to earn up to a $500 trading bonus. This 20% trading bonus applies to LX-Standard or Islamic Standard accounts and is valid for $100 or more deposits. You can secure this bonus by submitting the application form after depositing the required funds.

Let’s Gold Promotion

This promotion gives traders the golden opportunity to earn rewards based on their deposits and lot sizes. Depending on the size of the deposit (ranging from $100 to $1500 and above) and the number of lots traded, traders stand a chance to win gold bars of varying sizes, from 0.1g to 10g.

IB Reward Program 2023

Lirunex also values its Introducing Brokers (IB) and offers an IB Reward Programme. Here, you can boost your client trades for a chance to win prizes worth $380,000. This program is active for the entire year of 2023.

Finally, the Super Trader Contest is a live contest offering a prize of USD 500. Traders can compete against others for a chance to secure the grand prize.

It’s important to note that all promotions and special offers are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by Lirunex. Therefore, traders are encouraged to review these terms to understand the offers comprehensively.

  • 7th Anniversary
  • 100% deposit bonus
  • 20% trading bonus
  • Let's Gold
  • IB
  • Super Trader Contest

Lirunex Review Conclusion: Reputable Broker with Easy-to-use Platform

They have a solid regulatory framework, with their operations compliant with international standards and laws, barring certain regions due to specific sanctions and restrictions.


From the details gleaned throughout this review, it can be concluded that Lirunex is a reliable and safe broker. They have a solid regulatory framework, with their operations compliant with international standards and laws, barring certain regions due to specific sanctions and restrictions. Their robust and diversified customer service channels ensure effective communication for client inquiries and support.

Summary and Key Takeaways

Lirunex is a noteworthy broker in the financial market, offering its clients a comprehensive range of services. They are celebrating their 7th anniversary with exceptional offers, indicating their sustained presence in the industry. The broker provides various promotions like deposit bonuses, trading bonuses, and special rewards programs, such as the ‘Let’s Gold’ promotion and the IB Reward Programme. Their multichannel customer support is available through live chat, Email, and phone. Lirunex operates globally, with certain exceptions due to regional restrictions.

  • Lirunex has been in the financial market for seven years, demonstrating its durability and reliability
  • They offer a variety of promotions, including deposit and trading bonuses
  • 'Let's Gold' promotion and IB Reward Programme cater to different trading preferences
  • The broker ensures effective communication through live chat, Email, and phone support
  • Lirunex operates globally with certain regional restrictions


Is Lirunex a good broker?

Yes, Lirunex is considered a reliable broker with a wide range of services and a strong presence in the industry.

How do I withdraw from Lirunex?

Withdrawals can be made via various methods, as detailed on their website. These include bank wire transfers, credit cards, and electronic payment systems. The process usually takes 1-2 banking days, depending on the method chosen.

Where is Lirunex located?

Lirunex is headquartered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. They also have a registered address in Hong Kong and a business address in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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  1. Lilian

    lost funds or Bitcoins recovery as the case might be, is not what you can do easily yourself , you’d require the service of a trained specialist. I mean a recovery specialist ,is a person or a group of people who are well equipped to work around the crypto network. They have vast knowledge about the whole network and have the right software and private keys to follow any transaction. I was scammed $49,000 worth of Bitcoin in Binary option, good thing I got every penny back through the help of Mr Nick he’s a genius Reach : nick jover 4 (at) gmaiI . Com It is also important to be patient and really calm during the process.

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  2. Liam

    Getting my money from here is super slow. Been waiting a long time, and no good explanation. Not happy.

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    Lirunex Review 2024: Is Lirunex Safe or Scam?
    Lirunex Review 2024: Is Lirunex Safe or Scam?
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