Kato Prime Broker Review: Is This Broker Legit?

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Kato Prime is a broker offering diverse account types and various trading platforms. Yet, the depth of their resources and support channels leaves room for questions. Is Kato Prime the right broker for your trading journey? Explore our comprehensive review below to learn more.

Kato Prime Broker Review: Is This Broker Legit?

Kato Prime is a trading broker offering multiple account types and utilizing popular platforms like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. However, these are only accessible via desktop, which may not suit all traders.

The broker provides an informative section on deposit and withdrawal methods, while its educational resources and customer support channels could benefit from expansion.

There’s a notable lack of detailed information across the site, and Kato Prime’s legitimacy, as regulated by a single authority, raises a question – Is this broker the right choice for you? We invite you to delve into the comprehensive review below to answer this. Discover more about Kato Prime and determine whether it meets your trading expectations.

Broker Feature Overview
Type of Broker Forex CFD broker
Regulation & Licensing International Financial Services Commission (IFSC: 000392/498)
Applicable Countries Allowed To Trade See section below
Assets Offered ·         Cryptocurrency

·         Stocks (Shares)

·         Forex

·         ETFs

Platforms Available MT4, MT5
Mobile Compatibility no
Payment & Withdrawal Options


PayVersa, Bank Transfers, Bank Cards

Facts About Kato Prime
  • Kato Prime is a financial trading broker
  • It offers three types of accounts: advanced, raw premium, and raw platinum
  • It uses MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms for trading
  • Trading platforms are only available for desktop users
  • It has a blog feed on its main page as a part of its resources
  • The broker provides multiple options for deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Customer support is available via a contact form, an email address, and a live chat
  • There is a lack of comprehensive information on their website
  • They offer a $30 welcome bonus for new accounts
  • They are regulated by a single authority

Pros and Cons

  • Offers multiple account types for varying levels of traders
  • Uses popular trading platforms (MT4 and MT5)
  • Comprehensive deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Instant deposit processing
  • $30 welcome bonus for new accounts
  • Live chat option for immediate assistance
  • Client funds are held in segregated trust accounts
  • Lack of transparency and information on the website
  • Limited educational resources
  • Trading platforms not available for mobile
  • Only one regulatory authority
  • No details available on tradable assets
  • Lack of detailed comparison for different account types
  • Limited customer support channels

Is Kato Prime Safe? Broker Regulations

Kato Prime, a broker with a significant global presence, demonstrates its dedication to regulatory compliance through its certifications and registrations. This critical information can be unearthed conveniently in the footer section of their website, illustrating their commitment to transparency and credibility.

Specifically, Kato Prime Belize Limited holds a registration number (IFSC: 000392/498) and operates under the authorization and regulation of the International Financial Services Commission. Situated at 2118 Guava Street, Belama Phase 1, Belize City, Belize, this brokerage firm is impeccably positioned to assist traders worldwide.

It’s worth noting that the advice provided by Kato Prime Belize Limited is general in nature and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation, or needs. As such, it should not be construed as financial advice. This caveat emphasizes the necessity of consulting with independent financial or tax advisors to address your unique questions or concerns. Additionally, pertinent documents such as the Financial Services Guide (FSG) and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) are readily accessible on their platform, further indicating their commitment to client education and empowerment.

However, during a thorough examination of Kato Prime’s online presence, it became apparent that the broker does not boast any recognizable awards or customer reviews to its name. This aspect could be a potential area of enhancement for Kato Prime, as awards and reviews serve as a tangible testament to a broker’s service quality, trustworthiness, and performance.

  • International Financial Services Commission (IFSC: 000392/498)

What Can I Trade with Kato Prime?

As a broker, Kato Prime presents various tradable assets to its customers. This list includes but is not limited to Stocks, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Cryptocurrencies, and Forex. A glimpse at their homepage reveals a snapshot of these offerings, though; unfortunately, there is a lack of detailed insight into these respective assets on their site.

A visit to their “securities” section reveals widgets from TradingView, but it’s crucial to note that these widgets don’t necessarily showcase the actual assortment of assets Kato Prime has available to trade. The absence of comprehensive information on these securities leaves room for improvement and raises the question of transparency.

As a potential client, it’s important to fully understand what assets a broker offers for trading. This knowledge not only enables you to align your trading strategy with your financial goals but also helps you measure the risk associated with specific investments. The nature of each asset type, its market volatility, liquidity, and potential return all contribute to its overall risk profile. Therefore, comprehensive information about each asset is integral to making an informed investment decision.

So, while Kato Prime offers an array of tradable assets, they could enhance their platform’s user experience and transparency by providing detailed information about these assets. The more knowledge a client has about the available options, the more confident they can be when deciding on their investment strategy. It would contribute to a more positive client experience and further reinforce Kato Prime’s standing as a user-friendly broker.

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stocks (Shares)
  • Forex
  • ETFs

How to Trade with Kato Prime?

As a globally recognized broker, Kato Prime offers its customers the chance to trade on some of the most renowned platforms: MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). According to the “Why Kato” section on their main menu, these platforms are the heart of their trading experience.

The MT4 platform, classic and proven, is known for its instant execution and excellent performance, presenting a set of features familiar to most traders. On the other hand, the MT5 platform, while still maintaining the top-tier quality expected from MetaTrader products, offers enhanced functionality and is well-regarded in the trading community.

However, it appears that Kato Prime currently only supports desktop versions of these platforms, as the related page only provides options to download these platforms for desktop use. The absence of mobile options might limit the accessibility and convenience for clients who prefer trading on the go or managing their investments from multiple devices.

Moreover, Kato Prime does not seem to offer a proprietary trading platform. A broker-specific, proprietary platform could add significant value to Kato Prime’s offerings. It would not only set them apart from their competitors but also offer a platform tailored to the specific needs of their clients. It could provide features and tools unique to Kato Prime, further enhancing the trading experience for their clients.

In conclusion, while Kato Prime offers high-quality trading platforms like MT4 and MT5, expanding its platform offerings to include mobile and proprietary options could significantly enhance its appeal to a broader range of traders and ensure they remain competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Feature MT4 MT5
One-Click or One-Tap Trading Yes Yes
Trade Straight off  Charts Yes Yes
Email Alerts or Push Notifications Yes Yes
Mobile Alerts Yes Yes
Stop Order Yes Yes
Market Order Yes Yes
Trailing Stop Order Yes Yes
OCO Orders (One-Cancels-The-Other) Yes Yes
Limit Order Yes Yes
24hr trading Yes Yes
Charting Package Yes Yes
Streaming News Feed Yes Yes

  • MetaTrader 4 (Desktop Only)
  • MetaTrader 5 (Desktop Only)

How Can I Open Kato Prime Account? A Simple Tutorial

To open a live account with this broker, you will first need to head to their website. Unlike other brokers that have a “sign up” button located in the menu, this will only provide a “login” function, so you will need to scroll down to the banner, where you will find an “open live account” option.

Following that, you will be redirected to the registration page, where you will need to fill out some personal information that includes your first name, last name, country, phone number, email address, and password. You will also need to accept this broker’s terms and conditions here.

After you have filled out all your details, you will then be presented with a confirmation prompt where you will need to insert a PIN that was sent to your Email address.

Inputting the PIN will take you to the client area; for the most part, your registration is complete. However, you will still need to upload some documents like your ID/Passport and Proof of Address to verify your identity.

  • • Go to the broker's website
  • Scroll down to find the "open live account" option on the banner
  • Click on the option to open a live account
  • Fill out personal information including first name, last name, country, phone number, email address, and password
  • Accept the broker's terms and conditions
  • Receive a PIN on your email address
  • Enter the PIN in the confirmation prompt
  • Access the client area
  • Upload identification documents (ID/Passport) and Proof of Address for identity verification

Kato Prime Charts and Analysis

Kato Prime, an international broker, incorporates trading resources and education into its platform in a somewhat limited fashion. Specifically, the broker’s educational offerings appear to be confined to a blog feed, prominently positioned midway through the homepage. This blog feed showcases the three most pertinent finance-related news articles, providing users with a snapshot of the latest industry developments.

However, it’s noteworthy that no direct link to this blog feed is available either on the homepage or within the site’s main menu. This absence of a clearly accessible link to their educational resources could potentially impede users’ ability to locate and utilize these resources effectively. Furthermore, the lack of a comprehensive educational section could be seen as a missed opportunity for Kato Prime to establish itself as a resource-rich trading platform.

A well-rounded trading education is vital for both novice and seasoned traders alike. For beginners, educational resources provide a stepping stone into the world of trading, helping them grasp the fundamental concepts and strategies of the financial markets. For experienced traders, these resources can offer insights into advanced strategies, market analysis, and the latest industry trends.

Therefore, by offering an extensive library of educational resources, a broker can facilitate their clients’ ongoing learning and development. This supports clients in making informed trading decisions and contributes to building a long-term relationship between the broker and its clients.

In summary, while Kato Prime does make an effort to keep its clients informed through a blog feed on its homepage, there is room for improvement in the accessibility and breadth of its educational resources. The provision of comprehensive and easily accessible trading education can be a significant boon for any brokerage, positioning it as a reliable and supportive platform for traders at all levels.

  • Blog

Kato Prime Account Types

Kato Prime, a renowned brokerage firm, presents diverse trading account types to suit different client needs. The details of these accounts can be found under the ‘Investment’ section in the main menu of their website.

However, upon visiting the specified section, it appears that the provided information is somewhat limited, with only a concise table comparison available. The details regarding available assets and other significant factors remain elusive even during the account opening process. Such details seem to only come into view once the MetaTrader platform is fully set up and loaded, which might not be ideal for clients seeking comprehensive upfront information.

The first account type, K’s Advanced Account, requires a minimum deposit of $15 and allows for a minimum lot size of 0.01. The account prides itself on offering low spreads and fast action. Remarkably, this account also offers the advantage of zero commission fees.

The next account option is K’s Raw Premium Account, which requires a slightly higher minimum deposit of $50 and a minimum lot size of 0.01. This account type is touted as being suitable for professional traders, offering high security and the lowest spreads. However, a commission fee of $7 per lot is applicable.

Lastly, K’s Raw Platinum Account is tailored for pro traders with higher investment capabilities. A substantial minimum deposit of $3000, with a minimum lot size of 0.01, is required. Like the Raw Premium Account, this account also offers high security and the lowest spreads. However, the commission fee per lot is relatively lower at $0.03.

The lack of extensive information concerning these account types might be a setback for potential clients. Comprehensive details about available assets, applicable fees, leverage options, and other significant features are essential for traders to make informed decisions. Therefore, a more detailed presentation of account specifics could greatly enhance Kato Prime’s user experience and attract a broader client base.

Account Features K’s Advanced Account K’s Raw Premium Account K’s Raw Platinum Account
Account Currencies Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
Available Leverage Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
Minimum Deposit $15 $50 $3000
Commission Per Trade No commission $7 per lot $0.03 per lot
Decimal Pricing Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
Trading Instruments Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
Min. Lot Size Per Trade 0.01 0.01 0.01
Max. Lot Size Per Trade Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
Spreads Low Lowest Lowest
Demo Account Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
Swap/Rollover Free Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
Hedging Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
Scalping Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
Copy Trading Support Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
Available to U.S. Residents Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified

The table above is based on the details provided; however, further information would be required for a more accurate comparison. Brokers like Kato Prime need to offer a comprehensive overview of the account types and associated features, as this transparency can significantly impact a potential client’s decision to open an account.

  • K's Advanced Account
  • K's Raw Premium Account
  • K's Raw Platinum Account

Do I Have Negative Balance Protection with This Broker?

In the vast realm of financial trading, Kato Prime presents itself as a notable broker. However, one critical aspect where clarity seems to be missing is their policy on negative balance protection. You might find this information absent as you navigate their website, making it challenging to ascertain whether this broker offers this crucial service.

Negative balance protection is a safety measure that prevents clients from losing more money than they have deposited in their accounts. It’s an essential factor that many potential investors consider before choosing a broker.

Furthermore, it is noticeable that comprehensive information regarding various aspects of Kato Prime’s services seems to be missing. This includes crucial details that could aid decision-making for potential and existing clients.

Interestingly, instead of a fully-fledged FAQ section, which typically serves as a knowledge base for users, Kato Prime’s website hosts a limited number of FAQs on the homepage. These do not cover extensive details or address many pertinent questions that users may have.

For instance, one of these limited FAQs addresses the question, “Where are client funds held?” According to Kato Prime, client funds are maintained in segregated trust accounts situated in international banks across the globe. This indicates that they maintain a standard measure of fund security. However, the lack of an extensive FAQ section limits the opportunity to explore other essential aspects of their service in detail.

In conclusion, while Kato Prime operates as a broker on the global stage, there seems to be room for improvement in providing more comprehensive, readily accessible information. A clearer, more detailed negative balance protection policy, coupled with an expanded FAQ section, could enhance the transparency and trustworthiness of their service.

  • Unknown

Kato Prime Deposits and Withdrawals

When it comes to Kato Prime, a curious standout is their detailed information on deposit and withdrawal methods. This information is conveniently located under the “Why Kato” section of the main menu, a stark contrast to other areas of their website where detailed information seems to be lacking.

Kato Prime offers a range of payment systems to facilitate transactions. These include PayVersa, AwePay, FasaPay, and traditional credit or debit cards. Each payment system supports a range of banks or cards, particularly focusing on markets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Supported cards for transactions also include globally recognized platforms such as Visa and MasterCard.

Deposits are processed instantly across all payment systems, offering immediate access to trading funds. The exchange rates are either live rates or specific to USD and IDR, depending on the payment system.

In particular, PayVersa supports multiple currencies like MYR, USD, IDR, THB, and VND. Similarly, AwePay accepts MYR, IDR, THB, and VND. FasaPay deals only with USD and IDR, while transactions via credit or debit cards are processed solely in USD.

The level of detail and range of options for deposits and withdrawals at Kato Prime is commendable. This extensive information offers clarity and choice to clients, allowing them to select a payment system that aligns with their needs and banking preferences.

However, it’s somewhat puzzling that such comprehensive coverage is not consistently seen across other aspects of Kato Prime’s offerings. Broader and more in-depth information across all aspects of the service would greatly enhance the transparency and user-friendliness of the broker’s website.

  • PayVersa
  • Bank Cards – Master Card and Visa
  • Bank Transfers

Support Service for Customer

In the realm of financial trading, effective and responsive customer support can make all the difference for traders, particularly those new to the field. Unfortunately, Kato Prime appears to fall short of providing a comprehensive array of customer support channels.

Information regarding customer support can be found under the “Contact Us” section in the main menu. Here, a contact form is provided for users to send inquiries directly through the website. Further, in the footer of the site, an email address is listed, providing an additional channel for reaching out to the broker’s support team. Kato Prime also offers a live chat option for real-time communication.

Although these avenues provide some degree of support, the range of options is undeniably limited. It’s important to consider that issues and queries can arise at any time in the dynamic world of trading. Hence, the presence of a robust customer support system is vital.

Potential areas for improvement could include the introduction of telephone support or even a dedicated helpline, providing immediate, voice-to-voice contact with support personnel. A frequently updated and comprehensive FAQ section, offering immediate answers to common queries, could also be a beneficial addition. Furthermore, expanding their live chat availability or introducing a chatbot system could ensure round-the-clock assistance.

Ultimately, providing extensive, readily available customer support not only aids in resolving technical and account-related queries but also builds user trust. It signals that the broker values their clients and is ready to assist them, thereby improving the overall user experience and satisfaction. As such, expanding its customer support services could significantly enhance Kato Prime’s appeal to potential and existing clients.

Kato Prime Customer Support Overview
Supported Languages English*
Customer Service By Kato Prime
Customer Service Hours Unknown
Email Response Time Unknown
Telephonic Support No
Personal Account Manager No

  • Supported Languages: English*
  • Customer Service Channels: contact form, Email, live chat
  • Customer Service Hours: Unknown

Prohibited Countries: Where Can I Not Trade with this Broker?

Operating within the realm of financial trading, brokers like Kato Prime are responsible for providing clarity and transparency to their clients, particularly regarding the regions where they can operate. Unfortunately, Kato Prime falls short in this regard.

The information relating to the regions where Kato Prime can provide its services is conspicuously missing from its website. The only option available to prospective clients to determine whether the broker supports their region is to proceed with the account opening process. This lack of clarity can prove to be a significant hurdle for those who want to know if they can avail of Kato Prime’s services in their region without attempting to open an account.

This omission is detrimental in several ways. Firstly, it can lead to potential clients wasting time on a signup process that may ultimately prove fruitless if Kato Prime does not service their region. Secondly, it reflects poorly on the broker’s transparency, a key factor that many clients consider when choosing a broker. Lastly, it can generate uncertainty and hesitance among potential clients, possibly pushing them towards other brokers that provide clear information upfront.

The reasons a broker may not operate in certain regions often pertain to regulatory compliance. Regulatory bodies across the globe set varying standards and rules for financial brokers, aiming to ensure transparency, accountability, and the protection of clients. Brokers may not be able to meet these requirements in all regions, thus limiting their operational scope.

In conclusion, Kato Prime would do well to provide clear, easily accessible information about the regions it can operate in. This would streamline the account opening process for potential clients, enhance the broker’s transparency, and instill greater confidence among its user base.

  • Unknown

Special Offers for Customers

For a broker, special offers and promotions can be an effective strategy to attract new clients and maintain engagement with the existing ones. However, when it comes to Kato Prime, the scenario appears somewhat limited.

Kato Prime’s promotion section, accessible via the main menu, currently highlights just one special offer—a $30 welcome bonus. As stated on their website, this bonus can be claimed by registering as a Kato Prime client after the 6th of February, 2023, followed by a minimum deposit of $15.

While the concept of a welcome bonus is commendable, as it provides a small financial cushion for newcomers to explore the trading world, the lack of variety in their promotions is noticeable. Numerous other brokers in the industry offer a wider range of incentives, such as deposit bonuses, loyalty programs, reduced commission rates, and referral rewards. These varied offerings provide added benefits to the traders and make the trading experience more exciting and rewarding.

However, the lack of information provided by Kato Prime regarding their special offer is concerning. Providing a detailed understanding of the bonus’s terms and conditions is imperative. Without it, traders may face ambiguity and potential disappointment. The lack of information seems to be a common thread across Kato Prime’s platform, which can negatively impact the broker’s trustworthiness and reliability.

In conclusion, while the $30 welcome bonus is a good start, Kato Prime could benefit from providing a greater range of special offers and more detailed information about them. This would enhance the client’s trading experience and foster a sense of value and transparency.

  • $30 Welcome Bonus

Kato Prime Review Conclusion: Reputable Broker with Easy-to-use Platform

Given the information available and analyzed, there are significant concerns about the safety and reliability of Kato Prime as a broker.


Given the information available and analyzed, there are significant concerns about the safety and reliability of Kato Prime as a broker. The most notable issue lies in the lack of essential details on their website, which is critical to maintaining transparency and building trust with clients. Additionally, while a single authority regulates them, best practices in the industry generally require multiple regulations from different regions to enhance security and credibility.

Summary and Key Takeaways

Kato Prime, a trading broker, offers different account types, including advanced, raw premium, and raw platinum accounts. The platforms available for trading are MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5; however, these are available only for desktops. When it comes to resources, Kato Prime provides a blog feed on its main page, but there is no direct link to the blog nor a comprehensive educational platform. The deposit and withdrawal methods are well-covered, offering various options, including PayVersa, AwePay, FasaPay, and credit/debit cards. However, customer service seems limited, with just a contact form, an email address, and a live chat option available.

  • Offers different account types including advanced, raw premium, and raw platinum accounts
  • Available trading platforms are MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 (desktop only)
  • Limited resources with only a blog feed on the main page
  • Comprehensive coverage of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Customer service includes a contact form, an email address, and a live chat


Is Kato Prime a legit broker?

Given the lack of transparency and comprehensive information, one may have reservations about Kato Prime’s legitimacy, despite its operation under a single regulatory authority.

Is Kato Prime regulated?

Yes, Kato Prime is regulated by one authority (the IFSC). However, best practices generally require multiple regulations to enhance security and credibility.

How safe is Kato Prime?

Kato Prime’s safety is questionable due to limited regulatory oversight and its website’s lack of essential details.

What account types does Kato Prime have?

Kato Prime offers three account types—advanced, raw premium, and raw platinum. However, information about each account type’s specific features and benefits is limited.

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    Kato Prime Broker Review: Is This Broker Legit?
    Kato Prime Broker Review: Is This Broker Legit?
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