XeroMarkets Review 2024: Is This Broker Safe?

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XeroMarkets Overviews

XeroMarkets is an online forex broker known for its mission in trying to provide top-notch trading products, services, and educational opportunities to its clients. With a notable global reach and an array of features, this broker aims to empower traders at every level. Let's delve into the safety aspects of XeroMarkets to determine how reliable this broker truly is.

XeroMarkets Review 2024: Is This Broker Safe?

In this overview we learn more about XeroMarkets, sometimes referred to as Xero Market. It is an online forex broker known for its mission in trying to provide top-notch products, services, and educational opportunities to its clients. With a notable global reach plus an array of features, this broker aims to empower traders at every level. Let’s delve into Xero Market’s safety aspects to determine how reliable the broker truly is.

A Brief Background of Xero Market

XeroMarkets (aka Xero Market) is a forex broker committed to guiding new and experienced traders on their financial journeys, providing tools and insights necessary towards making intelligent, profitable decisions. Xero Market’s platform strives to offer the best environment complete with high-quality products, services, and potent training programs.

As mentioned by Xero Market’s CEO, Aqmal Jupri, “Choice is a privilege; not having any is an option.” The team at XeroMarkets takes this philosophy to heart, working tirelessly to ensure clients understand their options and choices, all with the ultimate goal of delivering the best possible outcomes.

XeroMarkets is not a newcomer to the trading industry. Within a short span, it’s made a significant impact, clinching more than ten awards, demonstrating a robust growth trajectory. Such success has spurred the launch of XeroAcademy, a free learning platform designed to empower everyone with trading knowledge.

Xero Market: Clientele and Features

XeroMarkets is a financial broker boasting a clientele around 50,000 individuals, partnerships with over 3,000 intermediaries, coverage across 36 countries, and over 500 classes conducted through Xero Academy. This emphasis on tangible growth and broad impact underscores Xero Market’s dedication to its mission.

This review will delve deeper into the broker’s offerings, platform features, customer service, promotions, and operational regions. This information will better equip you in deciding if XeroMarkets is the right broker for you.

Facts About XeroMarkets
  • Aqmal Jupri is the CEO of XeroMarkets.
  • XeroMarkets has received more than ten awards within the forex industry
  • The broker launched XeroAcademy, a learning platform offering trading knowledge at no cost
  • XeroMarkets boasts over 50,000 clients and 3,000 partners/IBs and has covered 36 countries
  • Customer support is offered via a contact form, email, and two international phone numbers but lacks live chat support
  • The broker's social media presence spans Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • XeroMarkets does not offer its services to certain jurisdictions, including Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Puerto Rico, the USA, Australia, Syria, Japan, and Ecuador
  • The last special offer from XeroMarkets was in June 2022
  • The broker provides trading resources like 'Market Insights' and an Economic Calendar, but they may not meet the needs of seasoned traders due to a lack of depth and customization
  • XeroMarkets runs a trading academy known as XeroAcademy, offering free learning opportunities for both beginner and advanced traders
  • The broker is registered in St. Vincent and Grenadines, with its head office in Malaysia

Pros and Cons

  • Various deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Previous history of promotions
  • Presence of a FAQ section on the website
  • Limited customer support, especially the lack of live chat
  • Outdated promotions
  • Restrictions on services in some regions
  • No welcome bonus or recent promotional activities

Is XeroMarkets Safe? Broker Regulations

As indicated by research, XeroMarkets lacks information on their regulatory compliance. However, to understand their regulatory credentials comprehensively, visit their official website. In the ‘policies’ section, located in a footer link, a wealth of information on rules, guidelines, and regulatory status is available.

XeroMarkets stands apart from the rest because they show a commitment to transparency and accessibility. They have designed their website layout to provide effortless navigation to make regulatory information accessible.

Official Company: Xero Capital Markets Ltd

Company Background

Based on their regulatory status, Xero Capital Markets Ltd, the official entity behind XeroMarkets, is licensed as well as authorized in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. Although unlike a direct regulatory license, Xero Market is a broker approved by the Minister of Finance and Economic Management to function as a Principal securities dealer. The company operates under license number 24273 IBC 2017.

Company Regulatory Compliance

Broker regulations are vital as a safety net for investors, ensuring the broker adheres to stringent rules protecting client interests. They prevent fraudulent activities, promote transparency, and healthy market competition.

Xero Market provides an added sense of security by adhering to high standards of ethical practices.

  • Principal by the Minister of Finance and Economic Management with company number 24273 IBC 2017

What Can I Trade with XeroMarkets?

XeroMarkets is a dynamic broker catering to various investment interests, offering its users an average array of tradable assets. For XeroMarkets’ investment options, visit their official website. The ‘Instruments Available’ section within the footer provides a snapshot of these offerings. However, the website’s information seems to be somewhat minimal making the section appear as still under construction. It provides basic information, but the details are currently limited or yet to be added.

Xero Market Trading Instruments

Xero Market’s range of assets shows a platform suited to investment diversity and the flexibility provided. Diverse asset offerings afford investors a more balanced, risk-adjusted portfolio. Hence, it’s essential that a platform provides comprehensive, detailed information on its tradable assets. With more than 77 instruments across various asset classes, XeroMarkets offers something for most traders. Among these, Forex trading takes center stage, with an extensive selection of major as well as minor currency pairs. The tradable pairs are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD, or you can dabble in lesser-known currencies.

XeroMarkets offers more, extending to the metal and energy markets, providing more for investment diversification. Trading terms offered by this broker are quite appealing, with a low spread starting from 0.0, requiring a minimum trading amount of just 10 USD. The leverage offered is significant, up to 1:500.

Xero Market Trading Experience

XeroMarkets ensures a smooth trading experience with quick execution; showing no price requotes or delays. They cater to a diverse clientele with Islamic-compliant, swap-free accounts, for hassle-free trading — discussed later in this review. Lastly, the brokerage company offers unfiltered access to the interbank market exchange rate, ensuring the most accurate, up-to-date data.

XeroMarkets is a comprehensive platform providing an average selection of tradable assets, making it a viable choice for investment diversity. While the ‘Instruments Available’ section on the website is still a work in progress or appears so, the initial offering is promising.

  • Forex
  • Metal
  • Energy

Xero Market Reviews

From the collective reviews that have been written on Xero Market, the general consensus is that it is a high-risk broker. These reviews appear to reflect badly on the company’s investment opportunities that they offer to clients. However, the review does sum up XeroMarkets as a broker offering standard trading services along with easy-to-use technical tools.

Xero Market Legit or Not?

A quick google search shows the legitimacy of Xero Market being questioned. The company is not outright described as a scam broker, but is discounted as a reliable and recommended forex broker by industry expert, Anton Kharitonov.

From our research based on several reviews, below are a few that represent the general sentiment on the company.

Review 1: XeroMarkets Withdrawal Issue

One user review reports the inability to withdraw and the company requiring too many personal details that the user felt excessive.

A customer review on Xero Market or XeroMarkets explaining not being able to withdraw funds

Review 2: XeroMarkets Legit or Not?

Other reviews expressed concern on the broker ceasing business or possibly going bankrupt. There was also some insider information that the company planned on closing down business on May 14, 2023. An investor trading with Xero Market Malaysia even left a social media post sharing his suspicions on XeroMarkets being an unregulated and a non-permanent platform.

Although it’s still inconclusive if XeroMarkets is a reliable broker or otherwise, most reviews recommend visiting their official website for the final word on XeroMarkets’ reliability.

Customer reviews on Xero Market or XeroMarkets maybe closing down and not a reliable broker and not worth taking the risk on despite high leverage and low entry

Review 3: XeroMarkets’ Attractive Trading Conditions Worth It?

With XeroMarkets offering one of the best leverages and spreads, reviews show a number of users questioning if XeroMarkets is a risk worth taking. It appears that the broker is noted for its low entry threshold among other attractive trading conditions, but its lack of reliable regulation and licensing are a deterrent.

XeroMarkets’ failure to disclose vital information on fees, commissions and the like is also another issue of concern. This lack of transparency has many thinking twice whether the company is one to be trusted.

How to Trade with XeroMarkets?

There are several ways you can trade with XeroMarkets but first you should know that XeroMarkets has its distinct approaches toward trading platforms, which may be questionable especially for those accustomed to a more conventional brokerage setup. Learn more about their trading platforms from their website, found in the ‘Trading Platform’ footer link. This section may puzzle users as it primarily provides downloadable links without offering substantial platform information.

The Primary Platform of Xero Market

Xero Market or XeroMarkets provides MetaTrader 5 (MT5) as its primary platform, a newer version of MetaTrader 4 (MT4). While MT5 comes with its own advanced features plus benefits, it’s crucial to note that MT4 is still widely considered the standard in Forex trading. This could cause skepticism in potential clients, more comfortable with the familiar MT4 platform.

Moreover, Xero Market has skipped on offering a mobile app or any proprietary software, which could be limiting. In the fast-paced world of trading, being able to trade on-the-go using a mobile application is welcomed by many traders.

The importance of offering multiple trading platforms as well as providing detailed information about them cannot be overstated. Every trader comes with unique needs. Some prefer the full functionality of desktop platforms, others appreciate the convenience of mobile trading. Offering only one platform could limit the broker’s appeal to a broader audience. Moreover, broker platform information is as crucial as the platform itself. It helps clients understand the platform’s features while also showing them how to effectively utilize it.

The lack of proprietary software might make XeroMarkets less appealing to some. Proprietary software often provides a unique user interface, customization, plus features that differentiate a broker from its competitors.

While XeroMarkets has made an unconventional choice in terms of its trading platform, it’s important for potential clients to consider their individual investment needs. Before deciding, understand the platform features offered. It’s important to ensure they fit with your investing style.

Features MT5 MT5 Mobile
One-Click or One-Tap Trading Yes Yes
Trade Straight off Charts Yes Yes
Email Alerts or Push Notifications Yes Yes
Mobile Alerts No Yes
Stop Order Yes Yes
Market Order Yes Yes
Trailing Stop Order Yes Yes
OCO Orders (One-Cancels-The-Other) No No
Limit Order Yes Yes
24hr trading Yes Yes
Charting Package Yes Yes
Streaming News Feed Yes Yes

Platform Versions: MT5 vs MT5 mobile

Bear in mind, while most features are available in both MT5 as well as MT5 mobile, the functionality and user interface may differ between the two. Always check the latest information on the official MetaTrader 5 website or within the app.

  • MetaTrader 5

How Can I Open XeroMarkets Account? A Simple Tutorial

the Step-by-step Guide
  • Head to their website, next, click on the “sign up” button in the header. Then, a drop-down menu is provided which you can select to register.

  • Afterwards, you will redirect to the login screen of Xero Market; here, “Open a real account” should be selected.

  • Then, on the registration page, some personal information is required for account setup. This includes filling in your name, password, account currency, email address, as well as account type (reviewed later).

  • Next, your address as well as phone number are required, which includes your postal code.

  • On the last registration page, fill out your date of birth as well as your ID or passport number. Then, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of Xero Market.

  • Lastly, check your Email account. Clicking on the following message is required for account activation.

  • • Go to the broker's website
  • • Click on the "sign up" button in the header
  • Select "Open a real account" on the login screen
  • Fill in personal information on the registration page (name, password, account currency, email address, and account type)
  • Provide the address, phone number, and postal code on the next page
  • Enter the date of birth and ID/passport number on the last registration page
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Check your email account for an activation message
  • Click on the message to activate your account

XeroMarkets Charts and Analysis

Xero Market’s resources offering is modest. While useful, they may fail to fully meet traders’ diverse informational needs. Clients may locate them in the site’s footer within the ‘Insights’ tab, an unusual placement compared to the standard menu locations seen on similar broker sites.

Analytical Tools

Market Insights & Economic calendar

Xero Market’s core resources comprise ‘Market Insights’ and an Economic Calendar. ‘Market Insights’ delivers various analytical pieces on topics such as near-term inflation trends, US economic health, and ongoing banking crises. Notably, some articles are quite dated, potentially limiting the relevance of insights provided. The Economic Calendar, while essential, appears to be a basic tool lacking detailed customization or advanced analytic features often preferred by veteran investors.

News and Events

Also available is a “News and Events” area. Here, traders may keep up-to-date with happenings like the Mega Seminar Road Tour plus various educational classes — useful for those seeking community engagement for continuous learning.

The resources offering of Xero Market may seem relatively lean, considering their global presence. There seems to be a shortage in area document such as real-time news feeds, in-depth technical analysis tools, trading strategy guides, webinars, as well as engaging educational content.

Broad, robust resources that provide relevant knowledge are indispensable for traders. These serve as tools for making well-informed decisions, navigating market volatility, plus formulating effective strategies. They are particularly vital for beginners stepping into a complex financial sphere.

While the resources of Xero Market suffice, a need to enhance the scope is apparent, especially considering the wealth of resources offered by professional brokers elsewhere.

Educational Resources

Additionally, XeroMarkets’ trading academy is accessible from its main menu. The academy, known as XeroAcademy, is a free learning platform catering to all traders, covering a wide range of topics related to Forex investing. To quote Warren Buffet, “The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.” His philosophy underpins XeroAcademy’s commitment to educating over 20,000 global students, with free classes that cater particularly well to trading novices.

XeroAcademy enables traders to stay updated with trends and insights, helping enhance their learning plus earning potential. Student reviews reflect that the education offered is of quality, lauding the invaluable knowledge provided by expert teachers. Thus, while XeroMarkets may have plenty of room for improvement, they are evidently invested in trader education through XeroAcademy.

  • Market Insights
  • Economic Calendar
  • Trading Academy

XeroMarkets Account Types

XeroMarkets’ accounts, namely Xero ECN, Xero Regular, and Xero XL, can be compared via the ‘Compare Accounts’ link in their website’s footer. However, the account information provided is shown as a tabular comparison that doesn’t provide exhaustive details on features and benefits.

  • XeroMarkets’ Xero ECN account offers a competitive spread starting from zero pips. The account requires a minimum deposit of $100. It also permits investing with lot sizes ranging from 0.01 to 1000 lots. This account type also offers an Islamic (swap-free) account variant, catering to clients keen on Shariah compliance. The base currency for the Xero ECN account is USD, operating with a margin call and stop-out levels at 100% and 35%, respectively. The account charges a commission of $5 per lot, providing leverage up to 1:500.

  • XeroMarkets’ Xero Regular account features spreads ranging from 0.1 to 2.0 pips, a minimum deposit of $10. Lot size flexibility is similar to the ECN account. It offers a swap-free variant and uses USD as the base currency. The margin call and stop-out levels are identical to the ECN account, but the Regular account charges no commission. Like the ECN account, it provides leverage up to 1:500.

  • XeroMarkets’ Xero XL account stands out with its higher leverage offering. Account spread starts from 1.0 pip, and a minimum deposit of $10 is required. It also provides identical lot size flexibility, swap-free option, as well as base currency. Margin call and stop-out levels remain consistent at 100% and 35%. No commission is charged on the XL account. Also a key feature is its higher leverage of up to 1:3000.

Detailed information on XeroMarkets’ accounts is crucial for clients helping them make informed choices that align with their investment goals, risk tolerance, and investment capital.

XeroMarkets offers several account types catering to different trader needs, but additional information could better guide clients in account selection.

Features Xero ECN Xero Regular Xero XL
Account Currencies USD USD USD
Available Leverage Up to 1:500 Up to 1:500 Up to 1:3000
Minimum Deposit $100 $10 $10
Commission Per Trade $5/Lot No No
Decimal Pricing Yes Yes Yes
Trading Instruments (Not Provided) (Not Provided) (Not Provided)
Min. Lot Size Per Trade 0.01 0.01 0.01
Max. Lot Size Per Trade 1000 Lots 1000 Lots 1000 Lots
Spreads Starting from 0 Pips 0.1 – 2.0 Pips Starts from 1.0 Pips
Demo Account (Not Provided) (Not Provided) (Not Provided)
Swap/Rollover Free Yes Yes Yes
Hedging (Not Provided) (Not Provided) (Not Provided)
Scalping (Not Provided) (Not Provided) (Not Provided)
Copy Trading Support (Not Provided) (Not Provided) (Not Provided)
Available to US Residents (Not Provided) (Not Provided) (Not Provided)

For some features, complete information is not provided in the initial details about the accounts. Check the broker’s website or contact them directly to get precise information about these features.

  • Xero ECN
  • Xero Regular
  • Xero XL

Do I Have Negative Balance Protection with This Broker?

When it comes to unearthing vital details, the broker’s website should ideally be a veritable trove of information. Yet, with XeroMarkets, it seems this is not the case. Regulatory information can be located in the footer of Xero Market’s website, from the link marked “Policies.”. However, despite following this digital trail, those in search of clarity on the negative balance protection policy will reach a dead end.

Lack of Information on Xero Market’s Protection Policy

Perplexingly, the information available doesn’t specifically address if XeroMarkets offers negative balance protection to its clients or on the contrary. Despite extensive research, no additional information on this particular subject has come to light. Consequently, it is unfortunately impossible to ascertain if the broker offers this policy or not.

This ambiguity is not ideal for potential clients of Xero Market or the broker itself. A negative balance protection policy is a safeguard for clients, ensuring they do not end up owing the broker money if the market takes a turn for the worse. It’s a sort of insurance, reassuring clients that their losses are limited to the funds they have in their accounts. Such a policy is part of many brokers’ offerings to instill confidence and trust in their clients, who may then trade with the assurance that they won’t plunge into debt due to unfavorable market events.

This policy’s lack of clear information could deter potential traders seeking assurance against devastating losses. In an industry where risk management is vital, transparency about such protective measures is not a mere luxury but a necessity. Hence, it’s critical for a broker to present this information readily to clients.

The Protection Available with Xero Market

The available policies section, and available documents include Anti Money Laundering, Risk Disclosure, Refund, Deposit Bonus, Deposit and Withdrawal, Privacy, and Welcome Bonus. Interestingly, the Risk Disclosure document delves into aspects like leverage, quotes and margin, loss control, and technical problem implications. Yet, even here, a definitive statement about the negative balance protection policy remains elusive.

While XeroMarkets makes a case for transparency as well as ethical values, a lack of clear information on a key protection policy leaves a significant gap in its offerings. Online trading is a competitive endeavour, so such details could sway a potential client’s decision. XeroMarkets must address this ambiguity by providing detailed, explicit information on their protective measures, thus ensuring an informed clientele while also enabling clients to trade confidently.

  • No information provided

XeroMarkets Deposits and Withdrawals

Navigating the online trading and brokerage world is often as intricate as the trades themselves. It’s crucial to understand how deposits and withdrawals work. Today, we’re casting our spotlight on XeroMarkets, aiming to shed some light on the deposit and withdrawal methods this broker offers.

For clients looking to delve into these details, the path leads straight to the “Deposits and Withdrawals” link in the website’s footer section. Here, the diverse options of Xero Market provided for the purpose of fund management may be further explored.

XeroMarkets’ Deposit Methods

Starting with deposit methods, XeroMarkets offers a variety of routes to invest your money. Among these, we find Help2Pay, providing instant deposits (minimum amount of USD 15). Transactions are carried out at varying exchange rates depending on the currency involved. Based on bank rates, PayPal is an alternative for immediate deposit which requires a minimum deposit of USD 10.

Meanwhile, options like Visa as well as Mastercard are also available, (minimum deposit threshold of USD 10), processed instantly. Notably, for users within Malaysia, the exchange rate is set at USD 1, equivalent to RM4.80.

For those opting for digital currency transactions, XeroMarkets offers deposits through Fasapay, USDT (TRC20), and Bitcoin, with transactions taking anywhere between 5 minutes to 24 hours, requiring a minimum deposit of USD 10.

For local depositors in Malaysia and Indonesia, transactions are processed within 5 minutes to 24 hours (minimum deposit required is USD 10).

XeroMarkets’ Withdrawal Methods

Regarding withdrawals, XeroMarkets again provides an array of channels. PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard withdrawals have a processing time of 48 hours, with a minimum amount of USD 10. As with deposits, the exchange rate for Malaysian transactions is USD 1 to RM4.60.

Withdrawals through Fasapay, USDT (TRC20), and Bitcoin offer the same flexibility as deposits, with processing times between 5 minutes to 48 hours requiring a minimum amount of USD 10. For local depositors, the conditions echo those of the deposit process.

It’s important to note that for security reasons, payments must be made directly by the account holder, not by any third party. Debit card and credit card payments can only be used for personal accounts. Also, an inactivity fee applies if an account is inactive for 6 months.

Processing Time for Deposits and Withdrawals

Processing time for deposits as well as withdrawals generally takes up to 48 hours during weekdays; the same time applies to weekends. XeroMarkets always prioritizes security, possibly requesting additional information, like a bank statement screenshot or proof of identity, before processing funds.

More on deposit and withdrawal options of xero market

Xero Market provides a plethora of deposit and withdrawal options, catering to various client needs and preferences. Offering multiple avenues to manage funds enhances the ease as well as flexibility of investing, thereby adding another feather to its cap as a versatile broker.

  • Help2Pay
  • PayPal
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Creidt/Debit card
  • Maybank
  • FasaPay
  • Tether
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Transfer
  • Local Depositor

Support Service for Customer

Customer support is a vital cog in the machinery of any successful brokerage. It builds a bridge between trader and broker, facilitating easy navigation through the complexities of online investing. Today, we take a close look at the customer support offerings of XeroMarkets.

Surprisingly, XeroMarkets’ customer support channels seem quite limited. A solitary ‘Contact’ page forms the nexus of their customer service. No live chat feature exists, which could have facilitated real-time problem-solving. Instead, XeroMarkets offers a contact form, an email address, plus two international phone numbers. This limited availability may raise concerns among traders seeking instant solutions or personalized advice.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. XeroMarkets does maintain an active presence on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms can offer indirect assistance as well as a sense of community engagement.

A diverse customer support system is a boon to any broker and its importance cannot be more emphasized. Live chats, email support, telephone helplines, social media interactions, plus a comprehensive FAQ section form an ideal support network. Let’s explore why.

Live chat provides immediate assistance, resolving pressing issues instantly. Email support caters to complex queries requiring detailed responses. Phone helplines offer personalized guidance, while social media platforms deliver a mix of updates, educational content, and informal interactions. Lastly, a well-stocked FAQ section serves as a self-help tool, addressing common queries as well as procedural questions.

Unfortunately, XeroMarkets falls short of providing a substantial FAQ section. Although it is linked to the website footer, this section seems to lack in-depth information, addressing only a handful of basic questions.

While XeroMarkets offers some forms of customer support, its offerings are rather sparse compared to industry standards. A brief FAQ section and basic live chat feature may prove challenging for traders requiring immediate assistance or detailed explanations. A robust customer support system is crucial for a broker, as it directly impacts client satisfaction and retention. We hope XeroMarkets will consider enhancing its customer support to serve its clients better.

XeroMarkets Customer Support Overview
Supported Languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.
Customer Service By XeroMarkets
Customer Service Hours 9am to 6pm
Email Response Time Within 1 business day
Telephonic Support Yes
Personal Account Manager No

  • Supported Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Customer Service Channels: FAQ, Contact form, phone, email
  • Customer Service Hours: 9am to 6pm weekdays

Prohibited Countries: Where Can I Not Trade with this Broker?

In an intricate online trading world, brokers play a critical role in bridging the gap between traders and financial markets. They operate under different entities, regulations, as well as laws based on different countries or regions they serve. These aspects are crucial as they ensure broker and investor protection. Today, we turn our attention to XeroMarkets, especially its global operational footprint.

XeroMarkets is an international broker, known for its diverse client base. However, it’s important to note that is not possible for all regions to benefit from its services. Based on local laws, international sanctions, as well as regulatory restrictions, XeroMarkets doesn’t offer its services to residents of certain jurisdictions. This information is found in the company website’s footer section.

Specifically, residents of Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Puerto Rico, USA, Australia, Syria, Japan, and Ecuador are barred from accessing XeroMarkets services. Each of these exclusions may have distinct legal or regulatory reasons.

For instance, sanctions against certain countries, such as Iran and North Korea, prohibit businesses like XeroMarkets from operating there. In countries like the USA and Australia, local financial regulatory bodies impose strict conditions that not all brokers can or choose to meet. These countries also uphold stringent licensing requirements. Sometimes, the internal risk policies of a broker could lead them to decide against operating in a particular region.

How important it is to understand regional restrictions cannot be understated. As a trader, you need to ensure that a broker operates legally in your region. Not only does this legitimize your investing activities, but it also ensures that you have legal recourse should disputes arise.

While XeroMarkets caters to diverse traders globally, its operation is bound by specific regional restrictions. Always check a broker’s operational jurisdictions before embarking on your investing journey.

  • Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Puerto Rico, USA, Australia, Syria, Japan, and Ecuador

Special Offers for Customers

While navigating the dynamic and ever-changing world of financial markets, brokers often find creative ways to attract as well as retain clients. Special offers plus promotions serve as an enticing lure, offering additional benefits to their trading experience. They can range from deposit bonuses, referral rewards to contests with exciting prizes. Today, we’ll delve into the special offers provided by XeroMarkets, which may be accessed via the “promotions” link in the main header menu.

One noticeable aspect of XeroMarkets’ promotions is the timing. The most recent one dates back to June 2022, which raises certain concerns. Frequent, up-to-date promotions suggest an active commitment to providing value to clients which also helps signal a competitive edge in the trading market. The lack of recent promotions may imply a possible stagnation in customer engagement efforts, a less competitive stance, or a shift in marketing strategy.

Earlier promotions by XeroMarkets included the “Super Jackpot Lucky Seven,” where traders could win prizes by making a minimum deposit, and the “Deposit Bonus,” rewarding clients with additional investing power. These promotions are designed to incentivize investing activities while also stimulating user engagement.

Promotions play a significant role for both brokers as well as clients. For brokers, these offers attract new customers, retain existing ones, while also boosting trading volumes. For traders, they can enhance investing power, offer additional resources; even provide a fun twist to the experience.

To illustrate, other brokers like ZFX, Exness, and XM often host a variety of promotions. For instance, ZFX provides a welcome bonus to new users, boosting their initial investment capital. Exness offers loyalty rewards to long-term users, acknowledging their trust as well as loyalty. On the other hand, XM often runs competitions with cash prizes, adding an element of fun to investing.

In conclusion, while XeroMarkets has offered promotions before, the lack of recent initiatives is noticeable. Regular, updated promotions are a valuable part of a trader’s experience, showing an active engagement strategy while also providing additional benefits. Comparatively, brokers like ZFX, Exness, and XM often refresh their promotional offers to maintain a dynamic, engaging trading environment.

  • None

XeroMarkets Review Conclusion: Reputable Broker with Easy-to-use Platform

XeroMarkets, a trading broker, appears to fall short in several areas critical to building trust, instilling confidence, and providing a robust user trading environment.


XeroMarkets, a trading broker, appears to fall short in several areas critical to building trust, instilling confidence, and providing a robust user trading environment.

The broker lacks a comprehensive customer support system with a missing live chat option, a feature that’s crucial in a time-sensitive activity such as trading. The absence of recent promotional activities can also discourage potential traders from seeking additional benefits or stimulation. Moreover, its operation is prohibited in some regions, posing questions about the broker’s adaptability and global presence.

The absence of real-time support and irregular promotional activities indicate a somewhat stagnant approach, which might not inspire confidence in its client base. Consequently, the safety and reliability of XeroMarkets, based on these factors, seem questionable.

Summary and Key Takeaways

XeroMarkets is a broker that seems to lack some vital features necessary for a high-quality trading experience. A noticeable drawback is the absence of an efficient customer support system, particularly live chat, which is integral for the quick resolution of issues. Furthermore, the broker’s promotional activities are outdated, with the last one dating back to June 2022, which may suggest a stagnant marketing approach. Lastly, the broker does not offer its services to certain jurisdictions, which might limit its potential to attract a global clientele.

  • Limited customer support channels, with no live chat option
  • Outdated promotions, with the last one dating back to June 2022
  • Services not available in certain jurisdictions
  • Three account types
  • Only MT5 is available
  • Not clear if they offer negative balance protection


What is the welcome bonus for XeroMarkets?

As per the information available, the broker’s promotions do not mention a specific welcome bonus. The last promotion was in June 2022.

How do I withdraw from Xero Market?

XeroMarkets provides several withdrawal methods, including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Fasapay, USDT (TRC20), Bitcoin, Local Depositor (MY & IDR), and Bank Wire Transfer. The withdrawal processing time varies from instant to 48 hours or 3-7 business days depending on the chosen method.

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XeroMarkets Review 2024: Is This Broker Safe?
XeroMarkets Review 2024: Is This Broker Safe?
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